Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Photos: October 26-31

Continuing my October Challenge here. See photo batch 1, batch 2, and big batch 3.

October 26: Tell someone why you love them.

I did.
We made it into a hangman game.
Highly recommended.

27: Eat a vegetable with breakfast.

28: Try to set a new plank PR today!

I'm inspired to start #plankaday

29: Make cookies with 2 healthy subs.

I made three

30: Try a new recipe.

That one was a hurricane-food fail, so tried this instead:

Recipe by Balanced Bites

31: Snap a pic of something beautiful! 

Sun emerging after the storm

This challenge has inspired me to use Instagram more, capturing random accomplishments, moments, inspiration, and beauty.  So follow along!

Looking for your own new recipes? Check these out!

Want to do something similar in November? Try THIS!

What are your typical baking swaps? 
How do you sneak veggies into breakfast?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh that sunny picture is BEAUTIFUL! I'm still learning how to sneak veggies in, but that souffle looks really good! The best I can do is spinach in my smoothie or some zucchini bread.

  2. I love adding spinach to my omelettes :) Actually, I love veggies so I try and sneak them in wherever and whenever I can...especially red peppers!

    Great job with the challenge! You've been rockin' it!


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