Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Photos: October 12-25

Whoops - missed last Friday! Catching up now with the Live Lean Eat Green Photo-A-Day October Challenge. 

So, below, you have a HUGE ASSORTMENT of dares to choose from. They're all quick and painless, and also fun. Take your pick.

October 12: Buy yourself flowers. You deserve them.

13: Make something with pumpkin!

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

14: Burn some calories cleaning the house!

15: Go vegetarian for the day!

Had me some roasted vegetables.

16: Let me see you sweat!

Mehhh another self-photo. 
No more, Lindsay, please!

17: Call a family member just to chat.

Yes, my parents are still (and always will be) "home."

18: Buy a new healthy snack to try.

19: Go on a walk at lunch!

Rain or shine!

20: Have a treat!

My go-to sweet treat
Anything yogurt- or chocolate-covered.

21: Park farther away today.

No car. Went for this run instead.

22: Hand write a letter to a friend.

23: Eat some roasted vegetables.

24: Do 100 lunges before breakfast.

My glutes 100% felt this the next day. 

25: Pack a healthy snack for a friend.

Not a snack, per se, but consumable.
Something delicious I gave her a sample of once,
but she wasn't able to find after.
Yummy and relaxing.

Remember! You can follow along with my #liveleaneatgreen challenge photos and tidbits on Instagram.


I dare YOU to... 


  1. ooh I SO did a LOT of house burning calories last night.
    today? Im frolicking outdoors...

  2. thanks so much for being so supportive of this challenge! i've been loving your photos!!

  3. Great job!!!

    I need to try adding pumpkin into my pancakes!

  4. mmmm pumpkin! and lunges before bed? adventerous, I prefer min bright and early haha

    1. The lunges were bright and early! Before BREAKFAST :D

  5. Love all the dares! I'm totally taking you up on the pumpkin one! Love pumpkin in just about anything!

  6. Love your pictures! Your pictures from the challenge are so awesome and inspiring. Those pancakes look great and you are always welcome to come over to my house to clean and burn some more calories.

    1. PS this comment is from me but silly blogger logged me into the wrong account.

    2. Hahaha thanks for the invitation! :D


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