Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Photos: Oct 5-11

First off, let me tell you about something super exciting.  I got to meet one of my favorite foodie bloggers, Liz of I Heart Vegetables.  I love her blog, and turns out I loved the person behind it, too!

Liz's Photo

It was really exciting meeting her in person, and chatting about blogging, food, photos, life, and.. everything!

This is what a Blogger Date looks like.

We hit up the Chobani Soho store, and I think Liz enjoyed her first taste.  She got the Dark Chocolate Pistachio, which I certainly recommended, and instead of my usual Fig & Walnut, I opted for the Blueberry Power (sub in honey) on this particular morning.

We left happy :)

Hope to see you again soon!! 

And now, on to the October #LiveLeanEatGreen Challenge!

October 5: Try a new vegetable.

Cooked with (baby) artichokes for the first time ever. 
Not easy! Full story to come.

6: Do a Tabata workout

This was fun. I like Tabata workouts. 
Quick and intense.
Used my Gymboss--makes Tabata easy.
I chose to do plank jacks, which definitely wore me out!

7: Go makeup free today. You're beautiful.

This was semi-unintentional. 
I'd probably have ended up makeup-free on this rainy Sunday, anyway. 
But the sweet responses I got on this instagram photo made me glad I participated. 
Thanks, friends!

8: Eat at least 3 different colors today.

Date with Liz at Chobani SohoBLUEberries in there!

Sweet Potato Fries: ORANGE

Mashed caulifliower and onions: WHITE
(Yes, white's a color!)

9: Spend 15 minutes stretching.

Saying hello to my toes

I loved this one. I love stretching. 
This made me and my body super happy. 
I try to spent about 5 minutes a day stretching, sometimes more.
Devoting a solid 15 minutes felt wonderful, mentally and physically.

10: Show me your favorite healthy fat!


Duh. That was easy.

Oh, also these:

11: Run some sprints.

It's been way too long since I've run.
Life's gotten to crazy, and I've chosen to focus my workouts
on the short-but-effective strength training that, I hope, has kept me in shape. 
Here's to getting back in the game!

Dare you to join in Lindsay's October Challenge!!!!! During a really hectic time in my life, these small dares have been a simple but significant way for me to keep my health in mind and take action. Give it a try! Join in! Do one, two, or all the remaining days' challenges. Dare you to ;)


  1. Baby artichoke's are not easy but they are tasty! :)

    Love Lindsay's photo challenge. I haven't joined in as much as I had hoped. I'm doing Grow Soul Beautiful's Yoga A Day Challenge and loving it!

  2. What a great challenge--love the variety! You looked fabulous on the no makeup day!

    And a Chobani store? So jealous!

  3. I wish we had a Chobani Soho where I'm from!

    You are beautiful with no makeup :)

  4. Oh my gosh you are TOO sweet!!! I seriously had SO much fun hanging out!!! You better believe I'm calling you next time I'm in New York! (And you HAVE to take a trip down to Richmond sometime! Heck, I'll meet you in DC haha)

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

  5. So fun meeting Liz and seeing your pictures from Lindsay's challenge. I was planning on doing it but then, like Angela, started the yoga a day challenge. But I love following everyone's pictures. You post also reminds me that I haven't been to the Chobani store in ages and need to make a visit :-)

  6. Chobani store?!!!!!!!!!!!?? I am beyond jealous right now.

    1. Yesssss :D See the menu here: You can make the same delicious creations at home!


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