Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Features

HAPPY FRIDAY! Here are some fascinating articles and blog posts of late: 


There was a very interesting, thoughful post last week that got me thinking, 
and the title should reel you in on its own: 

Remember when I said I want to learn more about GMO (ab)use and labelling? has the lowdown on GMOs for you and for me.

Want to become a morning person?  Greatist tells you HOW.

Pretty Little Liars may be a favorite guilty pleasure among young adults, too, 
but what kind of messages about food is it sending to its target audience: teenage girls?  
This "Food Horror" video raises serious questions.

As part of my natural skincare quest, I was excited to see that
Nicole at Making Good Choices explains why and how to
avoid parabens in skincare products.

Diane Sanfillippo reminds us that it's not food, 
but there may be special circumstances where it's useful. 

Karen Maidment's guest post on The Paleo Mom explains
what doctor's don't tell you about IBS, specifically that it
CAN be alleviated through dietary and lifestyle choices, like many other maladies.

Now that summer is essentially here, you may find your skin burning from a little too much time 
in the sun.  Lucky for us, Huffington Post shares at-home remedies to relieve sunburn pain!


What have you been reading? Anything interesting and/or informative? Do share!

In other news, I'm more than halfway through Gone Girl (in about 2 days),
and I can't put it down. 
Back to the book. 
See ya! 


  1. Wow that is so crazy about Pretty Little Liars, I'd not realized that and I'm a fan too!

  2. I haven't seen Pretty Little Liars but it was on my list of things to watch, interesting!

  3. Ooh, great list. I like that article on protein powder. Have a great weekend!


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