Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Features

Spring is here!  Well, almost.  Now that the sun is shining and it's (maybe?) getting warmer, I dare you to go outside Get some sunshine!  Make yourself some vitamin D!  Have fun!

I've got a LOT coming up on the blog for this spring/summer, and although I'm SO eager to share with you some new dares I've taken on, I want to make sure I do 'em right and gather sufficient information for you first.  Sooo... For now, there's TONS of interesting stuff, as always, to learn from on other websites.  The last "features" post was a bit nutrition-heavy, so this one will be more diverse.  Enjoy!


Speaking of going outside, taking your routine outside could benefit your workout!
The New York Times "Well" blog describes studies suggesting that getting outdoors
could help "reluctant or inconsistent exercisers."


One way to take your elliptical/biking workout outdoors is with a Street Rider!
MizFit demonstrates the learning curve required to use a Street Strider.  
Her short video is an amusing display of persistence leading to success! 


Did you know that research has found links between religion and health,
both in mental and physical well-being?


Confused about CrossFit?  Lindsay at the  Lean Green Bean Blog breaks it down for you.


So you've heard of, and maybe even tried, hot yoga, but did you know there's
such a thing as COLD yoga?  The Greatist team recaps its experience.


The SocialPace Blog tells you how to warm up for any workout.


reminding us that many supposedly "healthy" companies are actually in cahoots
with Monsanto, GMO producer.


There is an outrageous sale going on at Paleo Plan
where 30 different books, meal plans, magazine subscriptions, and discount codes, 
worth almost $400, are being sold for a mere $39.  
Ridiculous?  Yes.  
You'd better take advantage of the Primal Life Kit deal, 
before it ends on Tuesday, April 9!


A reminder that it's not too late to join the DIY Health 30-day challenge, hosted by Greatist on Social Workout.  Join HERE!!

There's also a cool two-week challenge hosted by Amber, Jill, and Mari, to help you #SpringToHealth!  They've got a different fun task each day, reminiscent of last fall's October Photo-A-Day Challenge, and if you document your accomplishments, you'll be entered to win some great prizes!  Learn more here.


  1. I could TOTALLY DO COLD YOGA!!! Does everyone have to sweat sweats?!?! :) Actually, I might fall asleep, lol!

  2. going to check out some of those links, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed last weeks links as well!

    1. Thanks--Glad to hear it! I'll try to keep 'em coming :)

  3. I've never heard of cold yoga before! So cool! Literally ;)

  4. cold yoga?! i'm not sure i could get down like that...

  5. Checking out those deals now, thanks for sharing!

  6. I got in my first outdoor run this morning and man did that feel good!

  7. I absolutely love when the weather breaks and people get active outside! I went for an awesome run on Sunday. Thanks for all the great links. Looking forward to more of your spring/summer posts!



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