Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Features

It's been a while since a Friday Features, so I've got a couple interesting and informative links saved up.

I'll kick off with a popular video from this week, demonstrating how an ingenious French supermarket made deformed produce popular:

Speaking of fruits and vegetables, a recent meta-analysis of over
300 studies found that "organic food as more antioxidants, less pesticide residue"
... and no one should be shocked.  Duh.  To learn more, visit the Huffington Post.

Then, Marion Nestle evaluates the previous study and asks whether
nutrition is even the right question.  Read her Food Politics post to learn
other good reasons people choose to eat organic foods.

Mark Sisson analyzes "The 'Dangers' of Going Gluten Free".

More questionable links between fat and heart disease
are explored in this Wall Street Journal article.

Similarly, The Angry Trainer answers, "Is red meat really bad for you?"

Further disrupting "conventional wisdom", 
learn about the darker side of cardio exercise in 
"Cardio's Eight Dirty Little Secrets" by the Poliquin Group.

So if cardio isn't great for your fat loss goals, 
has ideas to replace your old cardio routine.

This is from the spring: I still love this touching post by
Carla Birnberg on "The Importance of Mattering."

Just yesterday, Carla wrote a post for the Eleven+ blog that
we all should read: "Accepting Compliments 101".

And, last but not least:
Don't forget to enter the giveaway for FREE entry to 
The Neon Dash 5k!  
Walk, run, or dance to the finish line in this bright race's NYC debut!
Learn more and enter here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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