Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Features

Ah, as I forewarned at New Year's, this would be a stressful, BUSY spring for me!  Still popping in to share some things that have caught my attention, and I dare you to read:


This break-up letter to Trader Joe's expresses exactly the same reasons
I stopped shopping there.  I used to love the adventure, but really can't
justify eating most of their products anymore.

The MS Society broadens its scope by investing $29 million
in new research regarding nutrition and lifestyle factors
in MS development.  Learn more [here].

Carla Birnberg asks, "When is okay to lie to your child?"
As always, Carla's parenting inspires me. [Read here]

Are YOU a healthy woman?
Stefani Ruper offers "10 Signs You're a Healthy Woman".
Dare you to see if you pass the test - and consider what to
improve if something seems off!

I've been eyeing this "100 Happy Days" website and challenge, 
and I'm totally into it. Dare you to. 

Jim Gaffigan's rant on health trends on Conan is pretty hilarious.
He picks on kale first, but then I especially like the cyclical
milk-rant he goes on beginning at 2:42.
Click here to watch in full or just watch the milk bit below:

Cannot wait for this movie to come out:


In other news, I've been doing BODYPUMP (click for full review) a few times over the past couple weeks, and I still really like it! As always, the instructors vary, but I always walk away having fatigued my muscles with a full-body workout.  Doing this once or twice each week will keep me going for a while, after taking most of the Jan-March season off from intense strength training.  BODYPUMP is the perfect way to get back to it!

And... what else?  I've been reading; follow along on GoodReads.  Been oil cleansing.  Been oil pulling.  Been getting outside.

Happy almost-sorta-back-and-forth-spring!  

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  1. I'm so excited to see Maleficent! What perfect casting. I'm the same way with Trader Joes. I went from shopping there for lots of stuff to just getting goat cheese, garlic, and Pirates Booty!


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