Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Features

Some Link LOVE for Valentine's Day!
Been busy, but still reading and finding interesting posts, articles, news, and more!  


Business Insider: Science shares 11 Charts that
"Show Everything That's Wrong With the Modern Diet" - worth looking at.

SOURCE: See full article here

This reminded me of an old post at Authority Nutrition:

A more fair assessment than we've seen in mainstream so far:
"The Paleo Diet: Can It Really Be Good For You?" via The Telegraph.

This revealing Huffington Post article made me very sad.  
Fashion magazines dug their own grave by faking models that were too slim, 
This cycle NEEDS to end!

De-Clutter NOW!  Read "8 Things You Can Live Without"
This is so something I need to do. What about you? 

Props to Chobani for donating their excess yogurts
when they couldn't make it to Sochi: Read the story here.

This role-reversal indicts the pain felt by those of us womanized by our male-dominant society.
It's amazing how ridiculous it looks when the tables are turned.  
Watch the French video below, or read an explanation and GIFs here: "Oppressed Majority"

And last but not least, to cheer you up after that unfortunately too-true downer, 
I give you this hilarious video of 
Bruno Mars being awesome on Ellen:

Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. I swear the older I get the more I know I could live without EVERYTHING but a roof and food.
    Decluttering energizes me :-)

    1. Well said, that it's energizing. I feel that way every time I do de-clutter, I just need it to become the norm instead of sometihng I do once a year!

  2. Authority Nutrition is my FAVORITE WEB SITE! Every single thing he posts is exactly what I believe!!!!! :) I am so glad you seem to like him too!!

  3. ohhh i gotta check out the authority nutrition. You know love these topics, well minus the fashion editor one.. sigh


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