Saturday, June 29, 2013

Follow New Dares

Woooo SUMMER!  How is your summer going so far?  I am finally relaxing, de-stressing, and feeling great.

I've got some great dares coming up, and don't want you to miss out!

If you're interested in following new posts, you can subscribe in many different ways.  First, you can subscribe using the links on the left sidebar ("Join this site," "follow by email,") or by adding the URL <> to your personal reader.

If you used Google Reader in the past, remember that it is SHUTTING DOWN on July 1, 2013!  Yes, that's Monday.  So you may want to switch your favorite blogs and websites over to Feedly (I've been using and enjoying) or BlogLovin (I've heard good things). Both allow you to easily import your Google Reader subscriptions, so you can seamlessly transition from one to the other, without losing any of your favorite blogs!

Links to follow Dare You To via each of these readers have been added to the left sidebar, as well, so you have plenty of options to make sure that you receive each and every dare issued this summer and next year.

I know I've been busy and posting less often, but stick with me. I've got dozens of drafts just waiting to go--many bigger & better (and also smaller & simpler!) dares still to come.

Stay in touch! 


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