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Make Fluffy Quinoa

Yumyum. I'm now a quinoa pro. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that this grain was a new food? So tasty, so easy, and so good for you! A complete protein masquerading as a grain! Sneaky. Learn a little about quinoa's nutritional profile here. Well, even though I'd mastered a basic quinoa, there's always room for improvement...

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Last week, I tried a new cooking technique, and it was a huge success. I have to direct you to Peas & Crayons for Jenn's instructions for making FLUFFY quinoa. I know that she and I and this recipe were all meant to be, bonded together by our love for fluffy unicorns.

The trick is rinsing the quinoa first, and then cooking it dry for a minute before adding water.

Brilliance. The quinoa was so fluffy, not bitter, just like Jenn promised. Wheeee win!!

But first, I sauteed mushrooms, pre-roasted butternut squash, and brussels sprouts. #veggies

When the quinoa is ready and fluffed, in go the veggies! Anndddd STIR.

I scoop…