Group Exercise Classes
Dare you to step into a group fitness class: Tips for first-timers
See how different workouts get your heart pumping
Kettlebell Class (Blogger Playdate)
Zumba adventure
Spinning / Cycling 
Hot Yoga
Summer Streets Fitness Zone: Revolve Cycling, Strala Yoga, CrossFit 5th Ave, and Calvinography Dance
Dance Motivation Fitness

Get After It - opening of the Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave Box, and my first WOD! With Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir
CrossFit at Healthy Living Summit
Quick reflection on my month of CrossFit
CrossFit with Reebok CrossFitstars: Annie Sakamoto and Christmas Abbott
Summer Streets WOD: Burpees for Breakfast

Benefits of running: from hate to love
Running: surprise yourself
Become a Runner, Part 3:  My first 5k
My Longest Distance: Virtual 10k
Running steady: 5k Resolution Run
Virtual 3.5, through knee pain
Reasons to love running
Take the 'work' out of running: "Fun" miles add up
Summer Virtual 5k: Set a new pace
Join a Group Running Club

Dare you to WALK! National Walking Day
Rest and recover from illness; know your body
Make an ambitious plan, be flexible, and get your workouts in
Using a heart rate monitor for various workouts
Just go already!
Wake up with A.M. Yoga

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