FITNESS Blogger Meet & Tweet

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending Fitness Magazine's "Blogger Meet & Tweet" event in New York City.
Please bear with me while I recap the day's events; I chose to include the entire event in this post rather than splitting it up.  This way, you've got all the details and PHOTOS all in one place, and you can see exactly how the event progressed!

You may have noticed my excessive use of the hashtag #FitBlogNYC on Twitter while I was learning, meeting, and sharing info along with many other highly influential fitness bloggers in (and visiting from afar!) the area.  It was a day filled with fun activities, speakers, samples, and, of course, bloggers!  Lots of FitFluential love going on, from morning til night.
Read on to see the samples, what I learned, and the kick-butt Tabura workout...

Photo by Steven Meyer

We were told to wear our favorite fitness apparel.  Although I typically sport my old tanks and tees with my Thriv (now tasc) performance pants, for this day I paired those pants with a pink LuluLemon tank (a birthday gift) and my brand-spankin' new purple Zella long-sleeve hoodie, which I immediately fell in love with.  (More on Zella to come!)

At 8:30 am, I met up with NicoleToni, and Carlyn to walk downtown to the venue.  In January, I met Toni at a Kettlebell Class.  Nicole, I've been in touch with online for quite some time; in addition to her blog, she owns and cooks Pure Bliss Eats, which is as heavenly as it sounds.  Carlyn shares her fitness story on her blog, and is getting her certification to be a health coach/nutrition counselor--how cool is THAT?

We walked to the event, registered, and immediately were overwhelmed by the number of booths to visit.  We got our day bag and began sampling!

There's Amber! - Photo by Steven Moyer

Toni and I started at the Reebok booth to try on some sneakers.

They come in tons of fun colors, so there's something for everyone. They fit true to size, and I was impressed with how light they felt. These sneakers will not weigh you down as you move.

Later on, we'd receive our pair of shoes to take home!  Can't wait to take em to the road.

Next, I sampled some fruity smoothies from V8 with Mattie; I was surprised how tasty these were!

Schick shared with us their new Hydro Silk razor, which provides a close shave and actaully replaces moisture as it goes.

and reps for Vichy, a popular European brand, explained the different varieties of lotion and how each is designed to transform your skin.

Oakley was there, displaying their line of comfortable yet fashionable athletic sunglasses.  They look like normal sunglasses, right?  But apparently they'll stay on while you run, protecting your eyes from the sun. (I'm a poet and I know it.)

Even better than just trying these new fitness accessories on--we get to take one home!  Can't wait to take these for a jog, now that the warm weather is making a return.

I had to wait a bit to reach the next booth, and I soon learned why: Birkenstock!

We got to try on some of their cute, colorful sandals.  I adore the teal strap on bottom, but I reached this table too late, so I got a neutral bronze/silver/brown color instead.  They'll go with everything this summer!

Pure Protein had a booth where we got to sample their shakes.  Now, I'm not really big on protein powders or shakes or supplements, but this tasted gooooood.  I was glad to have samples to take home for when I don't have time to cook, but need to get protein in after a workout.

I really liked the cookies n cream flavor, which the rep recommended.  At home, I'll be trying out the vanilla one.

Grain Foods Foundation was there, providing snacks and hosting none other than Mia Hamm!  How exciting to meet the soccer legend herself.  She was taking photos and signing mini soccer balls.

Then I took a moment to "RISE!"

Camelbak provided a hydration station, where we could fill up our new filtered water bottles.  Anyone who knows me knows I drink about a thousand gallons of water a day (slight exaggeration), so I was glad to have water available!

The waterbottle was great, too.  It didn't spill in my bag at all, and it was easy to drink through the suction tube without having to turn it upside down.  Plus, PURPLE! MY favorite color :)

SunMaid was there, too, giving us snacks of raisins and their new yogurt raisins.  YUM!  Definitely a weakness for my sweet tooth.

At the KiwiSweat booth, we learned about the pop-up workouts they run all over the city (like in my favorite place ever--Chelsea Market, SO cool!).  Later on, we'd get a sample of a class they offer.

New Media Strategies was there, too.  After all, they practically orchestrated this whole thing!  They told us a bit about what they do, and also gave us this sweet yoga mat in a sturdy carrying case!

The event wasn't all fun and goodies; we were there to learn, too!  Throughout the day, various speakers shared their knowledge and experience in various fields.

I sat down beside the one and only Carla (aka Miz Fit).  I was stunned and ecstatic that she recognized me by my blog, and she was so kind and easy to talk to.  Later on, she'd share her expertise of the blogging world during the panel.

There's Miz, tweeting away.
You can see spot my purple, tweeting via phone behind her.

First up was A. J. Jacobs, author of Drop Dead Healthy.

He talked about sneaking in fitness and gave us all copies of his book, which was already on my radar. Adding it to my reading list!

Then FITNESS Nutrition Editor Juno DeMulo, Keri Gans, and Tanya Zuckerbrot came together to give us "The Real Deal on Carbs, Cleanses, and Caffeine".

They shared some great insights that I'd like to reiterate for you:
- Carbs don't make you fat; carbs eaten in excess of what you can store in glycogen do.
-----> My addition: "Carbs" are not just starches like bread. Carbs are also found in vegetables and fruit, and those are the kinds I most recommend you eat!
- Your body cleanses itself!  Stocking your fridge with nutritious foods is a less expensive way to 'cleanse/detox.'  Agreed.
- Coffee is a safe and effective way to energize before a workout, but not if you'll be exercising for over an hour, in which case you may crash too early. Kelly gave this one an applause :)  It's good advice for coffee drinkers.  Although I am not one, I do sometimes have green tea or a piece of dark chocolate before a workout.
--> But still, the better choice is to choose FOOD for fuel before working out!

 Looking, listening, tweeting with Carlyn, Nicole, and Jill.

Next up was "Fitness Facts and Fibs" with FITNESS Deputy Editor Mary Christ Anderson, Personal trainer and strength coach Joe Dowdell, and physical therapist and owner of Real Pilates, Alycea Ungaro.  They shared really great tips on choosing a trainer and working out effectively.
- "If your trainer is not writing down how many reps, sets, and how much load you use, over time, then walk out." - Joe  --> Trainers should have you on a program, not just make you move.
- "If you want to change your body, you need to train!" -Mary
- "No method can lengthen your muscles any more than your bones can lengthen." - Alyceaungaro
- "Recovery is just as important as the workout"
- *We keep throwing cardio at the problem..but the secret is diet to changing your body shape.*

During this time, I also got to catch up with FitFluential founder Kelly Olexa!

That's Kelly...

See?  Oh, wait here she is  :)  Her eyes are just as stunning in person, and her hilarious personality is as true as evidenced in her vlogs.

Suddenly, it was lunch time!  The morning flew by so quickly.

Being a fit-blogger event, the food was appropriately nutritious and delicious.

That's Anne in the pink going for some salmon.

There was a lemon water table...

The buffet consisted of...
- Farro Salad (grilled Peach, wilted baby arugula, hazelnut oil vinaigrette)
- House Salad (market greens, fresh herbs, cucumber, radish, shaved asparagus, green goddess vinaigrette)
- Market Fruit Salad
- Herb Marinated Grilled Chicken
- Slow Poached Wild Salmon, Lemon Wedges

I was hungry, so I helped myself to salmon and the salads -- all delicious and filling!

During lunch, There was a talk by Dr. Pamela Peeke on "Why Eat Less, Move More is So Last Year". It's about what you eat that matters!

Photo by Steven Meyer

In the afternoon, I got to catch up with Cait and Heather--so exciting to meet them in person after so much chatter on Twitter!

photo from Heather's recap!

They left early in the morning from Connecticut and Massachusetts to drive down for the event.  Glad I got to spend some time with them and hope we get together again soon!

We also had the honor of meeting Betty Wong, the Editor in Chief of Fitness Magazine!!

All the while, a fashion show was happening on stage... "Gym to Street: Fashion Tips That Will Help You Stretch Your Spandex Beyond the Gym" with FITNESS Fashion Director Argy Koutsothanasis.

Wear your sportsbra under your regular shirt!
Photo by Steven Meyer

Photo by Steven Meyer

"Easy Beauty Secrets: Q&A" with FITNESS Beauty Director Eleanor Langston and Laura Geller, of Laura Geller Makeup.

Eleanor asked all the right questions, and Laura Geller held back nothing in sharing her tips, tricks, and secrets for flawless, long-lasting makeup application.

Explaining an eye trick
This was one of my favorite sessions!  I feel like I learned a lot of neat tricks that I didn't know before.  Maybe it's because I so regularly read about nutrition and fitness, which were covered in the morning sessions, and I so rarely read about how to properly apply makeup, but I feel like I really learned.
- Did you know that makeup primer--which I avoid because who wants another layer of gunk on their face?--does not penetrate skin, and actually prevents the makeup from being absorbed?
The three things a woman "needs" are concealer, a pop of pink on the cheeks, and eyeliner. (...later 'eyeliner' got swapped for a lipstick to accessorize with your outfit.)
- Get multitasking makeup that is waterproof and contains sun protection! Eg: Moisture tints with SPF20 that give your skin a glow, or waterproof shadows. 
- Oil-blotting powders will absorb perspiration without leaving a heavy layer. You can touch up your face all day long.
- To make your lip color last longer, you don't need a drying, cracked 'lipstain'; instead, put some eye spackle/primer on your lips before applying lipstick.  It will last for hours and hours!
- The one think to splurge $$ on is a great foundation.

Laura Geller was kind enough to stick around and chat after, answering more questions.  She was so warm and personable!  Definitely lived up to her "best friend in the biz" personality.


Blogger Panel! "How To Turn Your Blog Into a Business" with Kelly Olexa, Tina Haupert, Carla Birnberg, and Julie Fagan.

Photo by Steven Moyer

They're all hugely successful bloggers and influencers in various media platforms: blog, video, twitter, magazines, books!  Together, they have a LOT of knowledge and experience to share.

They answered all our questions, told stories, and laughed together.  Their personalities shone through--you can see why they're such success stories!

Rebekah Borucki gave input, too!
We learned about various media platforms to take advantage of, how to pitch our brand, and, most importantly, to stay true to ourselves and demonstrate integrity. 

Kelly asking us who's on which social media platform
Photo by Steven Moyer

Afterward, I got to chat with Julie, Courtney, and Amber about the panel, Jessica Simpson, and the cute little snacks they had waiting for us.


Oatmeal Fig Cookies

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie 

Individual Crudite Cups

Green Apple and Brie

Being a health blogger, I shoooould've gone for the fruit and vegs, but I confess that I ate more than my fair share of the oatmeal cookies.  SO tasty and chewy!!  It's fine, though; I needed the energy for what was coming next...

KiwiSweat Tabura Workout 

Amanda took a great short video, so you can hear the music and see some of the action.  Amber also took an incredible 11-minute video showing us, rockin out the moves: See it here.
Most of the photos below are by Steven Moyer; 2 were taken by Amber.  Forgive me for not taking my own, here, but I was.. well.. BUSY:

Reign leading the way



On the floor!

Legs in, jump up!


Squat! Punch!

Phew! That went quickly --
Time to hit the mat! 

Stretching it out
(See me on the left)


High fives :)

I'd definitely do a Tabura workout again!  What a blast!  The time seriously flew by; when she said "That's it!  You're done!" I thought she was joking at first, like when instructors like to add ten more reps at the end, even after they've counted down to zero.  But nope--it was really abs, stretching and out.

Thanks, Reign!

Now that I was a sweaty mess...  The event was over (SAD!), but my day was not.  More to come! ---> click here to see what happened next.


THANK YOU to FITNESS MAGAZINE and FitFluential for bringing us together for this fun-filled day!  

Thank you, too, to all the sponsors that made this day possible.  

I learned so much about your brands and products, as well as information that will help me make smarter food, fashion, and fitness choices.  

I'm so thankful to have been part of this event! 

I look forward to (and already got started!) using some of the great goodies you so generously shared with us.

And thank you to all the friends I had the pleasure of finally meeting in person, meeting for the first time, or simply getting to know better.  

Photo by Cait

If you're new to me, be sure you follow my blog, 
and you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, too!

I look forward to staying in touch and seeing you again soon!

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