FitBlogNYC Day part II

After the incredible day at #FitBlogNYC hosted by Fitness Magazine (click for part I), Amber and I packed up all our goodies and headed up to Times Square for another event!

Amber, booking it :)
Read more for Oakley, Tone It Up, and a blogger Mexican dinner!

We went to the Oakley store, where Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up were meeting fans and signing SELF Magazine, which shares their routines.  I'd seen some of their stuff online yet never tried their videos, but so many of the people in the store vouched for its effectiveness.  The ladies generously gave us copies of their new Beach Babe DVD, so I look forward to trying it out!

You can see I'm still nice & sweaty from the Tabura workout

We got in line and caught up with Heather, Bess, Mattie, and Cait, who had also been at the FITNESS event.

During the wait, we got to look at all the apparel and accessories that Oakley makes, beyond just sunglasses.  (Who knew?)

One of the salesmen was showing off the athletic apparel, as well as a useful-looking gym bag, that if I hadn't just received a bag from FITNESS, I'd have considered buying!

It had a sturdy bottom compartment for liquids or things that shouldn't get smushed or be mingling to risk getting your clothing ruined, as well as several compartments inside the main bag area, and two different types of straps.  Looks great, functional, and sturdy!

I was getting thirsty, so I was glad to have my new Camelbak filtered water bottle with me.

Finally, we met the ladies themselves--the Tone It Up! girls! They were beautiful and so kind.

Even though they were already standing for over an hour meeting fans, they seemed very happy to be there and willing to chat.  That's definitely why the line moved slowly; they were really taking the time to give attention to each person that walked through.

They also shared with us their new protein powder blend, made with rice flour.  Finally, We made our way out with all our bags, and our new DVDs, SELF Magazine, and the protein powder, and headed out--day's not over yet!


I met up with 15 other attendees of the FITNESS event for...
dinner at Tortilla Flats.  

It was a Mexican joint with such decor! Really felt like a fun place to be.

And it was, especially because I was with such fun people!

Erica Sara, showing her smile :)

The place was great, and the service were also extremely nice and helpful.  One man stored our swag bags in the back for us, a woman who wasn't even our waitress was kind enough to plug in my phone for me (it had died after tweeting #FitBlogNYC all day!) while we dined, and the server who took our orders made sure that those of us who wanted gluten-free got corn flour tortillas instead of wheat for our meal.

The table had chips and salsa to start; the salsa was tasty  but very strong.  Someone ordered guac, which was really good.

There were also margaritas and sangria, flavorful and strong.

Natasha (our organizer--thanks!) & Jill

For dinner, Leticia and I shared the Mushroom Fajitas, which were deliiicious.

Really tasty, the mushrooms and guac were gone quickly.

It was great to spend some casual time hanging out with these ladies, getting to know everyone a little better :)

Anne, Courtney, & Julie

Jillian & Me
All in all, a perfect ending to a fun-filled day!  

Photo by Julie
Have you heard of or used the Tone It Up videos?  

What's your favorite Mexican dish?

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