Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First run with my new sportswatch

I mentioned last week that my Garmin Forerunner finally arrived!  

It arrived just after I showed myself that I can run 3.1 miles continuously, no walking.  Perfect timing, so I can test myself on the road instead of the treadmill.  The only delay?

It came with an overwhelming amount of gadgets!  I unwrapped, sorted, installed, set up... Now, finally, my Garmin ForeRunner is all charged and programmed and ready to go!  To continue working toward my goal of running 5k continuously, I got up early this morning to go for a test run.  Put on the chest-strap (heart-rate monitor), made sure it synched to the watch, and set out.

The sun was just barely rising, and the moon was still out!  And when I say it was cold, I mean it was COLD.  First time this season that I could see my breath while running!  I had my gloves and earwarmers, so it wasn’t so bad.  Here are some tips from Fitsugar for running in cold weather.

Acquiring GPS signal...

The Garmin?  AMAZING.  No need to keep track of my laps up and down the same street, no need to wonder how fast or slow I’m going, no need to base my final ‘time’ off of how many songs played during my run.  My new sports watch does it alllll.  Miles, time, pace, and even my heart rate. 

The heart rate strap was frustrating, because as soon as my body warmed up, it repeatedly slipped down toward my waist; I had to adjust it on the go, over and over.  Any tips on fixing that problem?  I’d love to keep using it; I like knowing when my heart rate is up, and then watching it drop back to normal as I walk back home.  The rest was great.  I found the buttons and "bezel" easy to use, to navigate from screen to screen.

With the GPS tracking my mileage, I broke from my overdone route and wandered down other streets.  This freedom was so nice; I could run wherever I please!  Of course, I soon found that other streets had hills, however slight the incline, that slowed me down a bit.  After a bit of that, I reverted back to the flatter roads, although I’ll definitely keep spending a little longer on those streets so I can work my way up to feeling comfortable there. 

After 2.76 miles in 28m 33s, I had to come to a rest.  I didn’t stop because I was tired or couldn’t go any further, but instead because of the persistent blister on my right foot becoming more and more painful.  I really need new running shoes, but I just got a new foot cream I'll fill you in on later.  Still, I wasn’t too disappointed with my 2.76 - only about a third of a mile away from my goal, which I walked the rest of the way anyhow.  Not too shabby, and definitely a great way to start the morning.  On this busy day, it was nice to squeeze in my workout first thing.

So, first run with the Garmin was a great success!  I know it has way more bells and whistles than I’ll ever actually use, although I’d like to experiment and learn to use some of them.  For example, this morning, the watch must have had a default setting of a “training partner”, where it told me how far behind I was compared to an imaginary running buddy who’s ahead of me by a third of a mile.  This is a neat feature, but I’m going to turn it off.  My goal isn’t to beat anyone else; I run for me.

One feature I know I’ll use is the “Interval Workout,” because I love running intervals when I’m short on time.  If you have one, what are your favorite sports watch features?  Have Garmin tips and tricks for me?

I'm so excited to have a tool to track my progress and make running outdoors easier for me.  As for you? Think about what you can do to make exercising, eating well, being healthy, accomplishing your goals--what can make it easier for you?  Make it happen. It'll inspire you to do more. Go for it.


  1. I just got a Garmin last spring and I LOVE it. I feel the same about the HRM but I have no helpful advice- I don't really use it because it slips down so often/is uncomfortable. I haven't tried the interval workout yet- can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Hmm mine doesn't slip, but I wear it on the tight side ... I recommend you try to position it under your sports bra elastic. That might help keep it in place - it is where I wear mine. Glad you love the Garmin!

  3. Thanks, Katy, and interesting suggestion, Kabri. I tried doing that once I was on the road but couldn't manage without stopping; I'll definitely try that trick next time.

    And lazycook: <3

  4. Yayyy so excited for the Garmin. Yea blisters are soo annoying. So there are a few things. One where is the blister? Also we have to look at your shoes and socks. Once you have the blister, Everstride won't be as helpful in the body glide but they also have other great creams you can use. You have to bandage it up and use vasoline. anyway, let me know i will help. i am the queen of blisters hah


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