Friday, December 23, 2011

EverStride Skincare: Product Review & Giveaway!

When I do aerobic exercise, sometimes my shirt really irritates my skin.  In a cardio class and while lifting weights, I feel the seams in my underarm.  When I run outside in a long-sleeve shirt, I usually don't feel anything while on the go, but the minute I slow down to a walk, I feel the irritation.   For the most part, I accepted this, figuring maybe I just need to invest in better-quality workout clothing.  Whether or not that's true (I invest in pants, less so in shirts), I finally have a solution to my problem.

EverStride's Anti-Chafing Sport Stick

As a new runner, I didn't know that these existed, but WOW does it make a difference!  Just one use of this Anti-Chafe Stick made a believer out of me.  When I glided it onto my skin, it felt nice and smooth, and oh-so-thin.  Then, as soon as I was out the door, I forgot I had it on!  It's not sticky or smelly or opaque in any way.  Left zero residue.  I did my workout, got nice and sweaty, boxed and kicked and ran, and came home, all with my skin feeling fabulous and chafe-free. Only then when I touched my arms did I realize just how smooth they felt, and how they were NOT red and irritated.  It seems my problem is solved!

Pro Therapy Foot Treatment

EverStride also has a foot cream for preventing blisters and restoring dry, cracked skin.  I've been using this on my feet, and it feels just as nice as any moisturizer I've used in the past.  I've noticed my persistent blister has become somewhat less persistent since I started using the Foot Treatment, so there's another win!  I look forward to continue using this to counter the effects of the abuse I give my feet with my recent running goals.

And now, for you...

EverStride Giveaway!!! 
In the holiday spirit of gift giving, here is your chance to win one of these great skincare products from EverStride.

How?  To enter, leave a comment below sharing how you could benefit from one of these products, and which one you'd like to enter for.  (Yes, you may enter for both! Just say so.)
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Sports Stick and Foot Treatment were provided by EverStride.  EverStride did not influence my reviews; the opinions above are my own.  Contest will close on December 31.  Entries after December 31 will not be accepted, and winners will be notified shortly thereafter.  Winners will be asked to provide shipping information.  This sweepstakes is open to US residents only, 18 years or older.  Winners will be selected at random.  Good luck!


  1. I'd LOVE to enter for both. The chafing stick b/c ever since I've been running longer distances, in the summer my tank tops chafe under my arms and in the winter with all the layers my sports bras get pushed up against my skin and chafe my chest. And the foot cream? What athlete DOESN'T need foot cream!? Hah!! :-)

    BTW LOVE the concept of your blog ... I just found it through fitfluential! Way to keep challenging and pushing the envelope, I'm a fan :-)

  2. Cool! I've never seen these! I'd like the foot one :)

  3. Ooh, they both sound so good! I'd love to try the chafing stick (I run a lot!) and the foot lotion sounds awesome...blisters are such a pain!

  4. I'd love to enter for the anti chafing stick. I'd use it when I work out. And awesome blog :-)

  5. My feet are in baaaaaad shape and need all the help they can get! That said, I'd love to enter for both, puh-lease!

  6. Tweeted here:!/Suz4AU0608/status/151486793257189377

  7. Oops, I follow you on twitter already. Now following your blog via GFC

  8. I'd like to enter for the foot cream - when I first started making a serious commitment to the gym, I invested in a pair of supportive, stylish (and expensive) sneakers and it really made a difference. Excited to see what the cream could do for my poor, blistered feet underneath my cool sneaks!

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  10. I could use this in regards to underarm chafing.

  11. And its scheduled to tweet at 1:30pm . Already following you on Twitter. ;)

  12. Would love to enter for the Sport Stick. I followed you on Twitter (@paulettezf) and tweeted this contest as well. :)

  13. I've started a "walk to run" program with the goal of finishing a 5K at some point in the spring. I've got new sneakers and I know that when I do more than 1 mile at a time, it's going to start rubbing.

    I want to enter for the foot treatment.

  14. Maybe it will help me when I am exercising - I never seem to have the right top without irritation!


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