Monday, September 9, 2013

End of Summer + an E-Book Bundle

End of Summer - How did this happen?

It's like the weather knew. The temperature dropped 10 degrees the minute Labor Day passed.  I'm not complaining, this 70-degree, sunny weather is perfect, but I'm wondering when it happened and what happened to July and August.

But, alas, end of summer it is!  To commemorate the occasion, Village Green Network is selling an outstanding book bundle: 30 health and wellness books for just $39.  That's under $2 per book!!   Valued at $650, this is not a deal to pass up.  To purchase or learn more, visit VGN Online here.  It ENDS TOMORROW!

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The End of Summer E-Book Bundle includes the following (mostly NEW) titles for instant download:
1 DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes by Heather Dessinger of Mommypotamus
2 Simply Salads by Season by Kristen Michaelis of Food Renegade
3 Feed Your Fertility by Emily Bartlett and Laura Erlich
4 The Sleep Solution: End Your Insomnia Naturally by Emily Benfit of Butter Believer 
5 Processed Free by Robin Konie of Thank Your Body
6 Pain Free by Robin Konie of Thank Your Body
7 Get Your Fats Straight by Sarah Pope of The Healthy Home Economist 
8 Love Your Body by Elizabeth Walling of The Nourished Life 
9 Quit PMS by Lauren Geertsen of Empowered Sustenance 
10 Real Food Survival Guide for Busy Moms by Lindsey Gremont of Homemade Mommy 
11 Grain-free Desserts Jennifer McGruther of Nourished Kitchen
12 Sustainability Starts at Home by Dawn Gifford of Small Footprint Family 
13 Natural Cocktails by Kendahl Millecam of Our Nourishing Roots
14 Have Your Cake & Lose Weight, Too! by DaNelle Wolford 
15 Real Fit At Every Age by Julie de Lagarde of Real Fit Mama 
16 Your Custom Homestead Jill Winger 
17 Beyond Broth by Jill Tieman of Real Food Forager 
18 Gluten-free Vegetarian by Hannah Healy of Healy Real Food Vegetarian
19 Kick the Weight with Keto by Kim Knoch of The Eat Fat Lose Fat Blog
20 The 30-Day Heartburn Solution by Craig Fear 
21 From Scratch by Shaye Elliott of The Elliott Homestead 
22 The Granny Plan by Kathy Block of Granny's Vital Vittles 
23 Healer by Joseph Dispenza 
24 Three Weeks to Vitality: The Ultimate Cleanse by Mary Vance 
25 Grain Free Meal Plans for Fall by Cara Comini of Health, Home & Happiness
26 Real Food Ingredient Guide by Kelly the Kitchen Kop
27 30 Days of Simple Suppers by Rachel Jones of Nourishing Minimalism
28 Culture Your Life by Louise Kane Buckley of Loula Natural 
29 Nourishing Our Children Sandrine Love
30 Eating Additive Free by Christy Pooschke of Completely Nourished

This deal ends TOMORROW (Tuesday), so if you plan to get all these books for such a low price, head over to the website ASAP!


For other news, check out last week's Friday Features.  Some must-reads included, especially for anyone concerned about cholesterol.

Latest on me: Took an unplanned two solid weeks off from any fitness activities for personal reasons.  It was strange and nice but now trying to get back into my routine again, or rather establish a whole new routine for the "new year."

As I mentioned in August, this month I'm doing another 21 Day Sugar Detox, so I'm really trying to dig down and re-calibrate my sweet tooth.  One week in, and overall, I'm feeling really great.  There was a minor energy dip for most of the week, but I think that was more related to the previous exhausting week.  Now, I've got my energy back.

It certainly helped that I had already gotten my greatest vices--gum and chocolate--mostly out of my diet for the month prior.  I've been eating well, even through the time I was not working out, and it has proven effective; I'm feeling great.  Now that the school year's starting up again, it's time to start meal prepping on Sundays again.  That will help ensure success for the next two weeks of the detox!

Speaking of, I suppose it's time to start cooking up some meals for the week.  What's on the menu?  Some lasagna from Make It Paleo (read my review here) for dinner, plenty of my Salmon-Avocado Mashups for lunches, some defrosted Paleo Pad Thai that I made last month, and... I'm going to browse my cookbooks for something special to do with the two beautiful eggplants I have from my mother's garden.  Thanks, Mom!

And that's about it!  Have a great week.


  1. off to read more about make it paleo
    I THINK I have the husband convinced to be PALEO-ISH.

    1. Woohoo!!! I look forward to hearing more about that. Paleo-ish sounds GREAT to me!

  2. I am always so impressed with your sugar detoxes. I could never do it!!


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