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Make this Quick & Easy Banana Egg Breakfast

Bananas and EGGS? What?

Yes, bananas and eggs.  Whenever I'm making this for myself, whoever is home will give me a quizzical look. Once it's ready and they've tried a bite, they always raise their eyebrows in surprise--pretty good!

It started for me back in the day experimenting with "paleo pancakes" -- that is, pancakes that are free of grains.  Some of those banana pancake recipes are longer and more exhaustive than others.  They can make some dismally flat pancakes, or some incredibly fluffy pancakes.  (I'm a fan of the fluffy, myself.)

Over time, I stopped following the recipes and began doing the simplest, quickest thing possible: simply scrambling eggs with banana.  Dropping out the almond flour, the baking agents, etc., made the process so much easier, yet just as delicious.  I get starchy sweetness from the banana and protein from the eggs. Win!

Quick and easy banana-egg-omelet-pancake-mish-mash!  
Here it is:


3 eggs
1 banana
Oil or butter

Friday Features

Happy Friday, and Happy SPRING! Spring is here, and I hope that Mother Nature catches up soon, because I'm over this bitter winter.

Hey, you know what "winter" sounds like?  Winner!

The WINNER of last week's Eat The Yolksgiveaway is Betty Jo!  She commented and tweeted about the giveaway.  Betty Jo, email me to claim your prize!   For the rest of you, don't worry!  If you didn't win this time, you can find Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe on Amazon.  Dare you to check it out.

I also dare you to check out some of my favorite reads lately.  Today, it's a mixture of health, happiness, and just plain fun.

Just For Fun

As my sister tweeted, "Stop what you are doing and read Buzzfeed's 77 Facts That Sound Like Huge Lies But Are Actually Completely True."

"If Google Were A Guy..." Part 1 and Part 2.

Watch Ellen Take a Buzzfeed Quiz to test the accuracy of the results determining which queen of comedyshe is...

Did you know how dogs really drink wa…

Eat Eggs

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I like to eat eggs. A lot.  So today, I bring you an overdue ode to eggs:

Recently, upon mentioning that I could eat eggs all day every day and be happy, someone commented, "Sure, but that wouldn't be good for you."

Sigh.  Okay, first of all, I was eggaggerating.

Second, WHY?  Why do eggs get such a bad rap?  Because they contain dietary cholesterol, and we all know cholesterol in food raises our blood cholesterol, and high blood cholesterol is bad.  Right?

Now, I'm not devoting today's entire post to those giant myths, but I'll say this: they're myths.  Eating dietary cholesterol does not yield higher blood cholesterol levels, and even our own cholesterol is not inherently bad!  Our bodies need cholesterol to produce hormones, make vitamin D, build and repair cell walls, and more.  So both sides of this argument against eggs are faulty. Even as far back as 2006, the Harvard Health News tried to redeem egg…

Fill up on Protein

Have you ever made yourself or ordered a giant salad, jam-packed with more vegetables than you can count?   (No? Just me, then? ;) )

Were you satisfied after?  Or were you soon looking around for something else to eat?  The fiber and water in these types of meals often fill me up immediately, but then leave me hungry and grazing just two or three hours later.  Have you experienced this, too?

This is why I started seeking out protein at every meal.  Protein tells your brain you are full, and keeps you full.  Protein also tells your body to make and retain muscle and other lean tissue, because it's made up of the amino acids your body needs to repair itself.  This is why protein consumption is often recommended for after a workout.

Other benefits?  Higher protein consumption is also linked with lower risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Of course, you can increase your protein intake by eating animal sources like fish, meat, and eggs.  Vegetarian or vegan?  Try these meat-f…

make Egg Bites

Got a simple, savory recipe for ya!

Inspired by this recipe by Liz ofI <3 Vegetables, as well as a tweet from Caitlin a while back, I finally mixed up some eggs, vegs, and cheese to bake in the oven... into muffins.  And don't be afraid to eat the whole egg.Nicole explained yesterdaywhy yolks are good for you!

My little egg bites contained four eggs with chopped spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese.  You can also use diced onion, pepper, other vegetables, anything that strikes your fancy.

I've gotta say, though, I really enjoyed my flavor combo :)

Pour evenly into greased/oiled (mini) muffin tin and stick it in the oven at 350 for about 10-12 minutes.

They come out perfect.

Basically, they're bite size frittatas!

4 eggs makes 12 of these little guys, so I had half immediately and saved the rest for later...

and they were delicious cold, right out of the fridge!  Or you can heat them up again.  A quick and easy make-ahead breakfast, snack, whatever you like.

Dare y…

Minimize Flavor Variety

I'm not talking about limiting flavor. Flavor is good. But variety? Does less variety mean more satiety? 

Because I love frozen yogurt so much, I couldn't resist reading when I stumbled upon Glamour's The Dos and Don'ts of Frozen Yogurt.  In it, Carolyn Brown (M.S., R.D.), Rachel Beller (M.S., R.D.) and other nutrition experts give great advice involving cup size, toppings, flavors, and more, but the one that most caught my attention was slide 7: Don't Mix Flavors.

"Sure, swirling your two favorite flavors sounds like a great idea, but there's a good reason to resist.  'We have a limit to where our taste buds start fatiguing on a certain flavor,' Blatner says. 'If you pick only one topping and flavor, you actually feel more satisfied than if you were picking multiple things.'" 
Hm.  Interesting.  I thought about this for a while.  I've done both ends of the spectrum; I've swirled 4 flavors into my single cup at 16 Handles, and other …

Stay Healthy

It's Freeky Friday! My friend Amanda helps host this weekly summer blog series, with different prompts for us all to ponder and share about!  She explains the background here, and you can see some of the past prompts and her posts here

This week's prompt:
How do you stay healthy?
Excellent question!  I'm so glad you asked.

Really, the way I stay healthy happens to be through the four tenets of FitFluential, the main areas underlying everything we do: EAT, SLEEP, MOVE, ENJOY

EAT: I nourish my body by eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, fish, and real foods.  I (mostly) avoid eating foods that I know are harmful or that make me feel lousy.  I try to stay cognizant of the connections between my foods and my physical health, so I can eat to promote my own health and longevity.

... and might I add, DRINK.  Water, that is.  Anyone who knows me know I drink water like I breathe oxygen.  With meals, on the go, and while working.   Always have a glass or bottle by my side.  Without…

June Check-in

It's July 1, and the heat is here to prove it.  Time to look back on my #FitFluentialJune Goals to see how I did.

But first, I want to thank you all for your feedback and entries on my 100th Post Giveaway!  I'll definitely try to incorporate more of your favorites. :)  Selected by he Giveaway WINNERS are 63, 14, and 29, so that's...
     (1) Jen
     (2) Lindsay
     (3) Laura
Congratulations, ladies!  And thank you to ALL who entered and shared their favorite types of posts.  Hope you all are ready for some GOAL recapping, because here's how June went down...


#MOVE: Run a(nother) 5k ... (A-)

This, I did!  My goal was to work my way back up to a comfortable, no-walking breaks three (point-one) mile run.  The testing point would be Toni'sWelcome to Summer Virtual Run.  I was pretty good about sneaking runs in, even just a mile or two before a yoga or weights workout.  I also did tons of interval work on the treadmill (like this), which I enjoy b…