Sunday, March 4, 2012

Check In With Your Goals

Whoops.  This one is totally a smack in the head for me.  Did I forget my goal?  Where'd February go?  It flew by in a flurry of excuses.  First, it was my birthday, and I had some time-consuming part-time work that really interrupted my workout schedule, running taking the brunt of it.  Thennn as soon as there was a break in the job, I got sick!  A bad cold topped with migraines, probably brought on by my stress, lack of sleep, and constant running around.  This made running just about the least appealing thing I could think of. And thennnnn I went on vacation!  Lame excuse, I know.  I did run a few miles over the first could days there, but that tiny, sorry excuse for a gym got old fast, and instead I decided to just really sit back and relax.

That brings me to... almost today.

No intense training plans to share, no running successes to boast about, no 50-mile goals met.

In February, I ran 26 miles.  A nice number, but that's just half of the 50 I'm 'supposed' to run to reach my resolution goal of 600 miles in 2012.

Oh well?  At least it's 26 more than 0?  I can't be too hard on myself, because 26 is certainly many more miles than I'd ever have run in a month before this year--before I became a runner.  Although, lately, I really don't feel like one.  It's been hard enough fitting in my workouts, and I've prioritized my group exercise classes (especially Spinning, yoga, and Pilates last month) over running.  The weather hasn't helped the situation, either; bitter cold temperatures and rain downpours are two things that really spoil my running motivation.

So where does that leave me now?  It's time to start running again! For reeeeeal.  Less counting the warm-up and cool-down walks on the treadmill.  More lacing up, setting my Garmin, and hitting the road.  I dare myself to run at least three times a week for the remainder of March.  In those 12 runs, I'd like to cover the 50 miles I committed to when the new year began.  Ideally, I'd also make up the 24 miles lost last month, but I don't want to push my luck.  I am out of [running] shape, as it is, feeling quite out of practice.  Plus, it is difficult enough to get in 50, and I will have all spring and fall (better running temperatures than winter or summer) to log some extra miles to make up for February.  Right?  Right.

So, in addition to staying wheat-free, my goal for the month is:
     50 miles in March. 
          Running at least 3x a week to reach that goal. 
               Let's do this! 

This was a big reminder that you can't only set goals and then reach them.  You (and I) must continuously check in with ourselves, report progress, see what's working and what's holding us back. Check-ins could occur weekly or monthly, or maybe keep a calendar visual on your desk or wall and cross-off or star days where things went right. Try to have the days that are productive toward your goal outbalance the un-productive ones.

So, off I go!  While I'm running around my neighborhood, an amazing blogger is completing her first half-marathon, in spite of her DNA.  Read Krysten's inspiring story here.    As for me, you can check up on my workout progress on DailyMile. I don't always record my cross-training workouts, but I always log my running miles.

What are your goals for March?  How do you check your progress and keep motivation up?


  1. hi meredith! saw your new post tweet and stopped by your blog. i was just looking at my calendar and i think my jogging schedule would work with your 50 mile goal as it is an easy way to fit in 3 times a week with work/school/life.

    30-45 min on two week days, so thats 3-4 miles (on my pace) and at least 6 miles on saturday or sunday. so on the LOW end, that would be 12 a week x 4 weeks=48.

  2. She is so inspiring isn't she! Good luck with your March goals. I'm just hoping to get over injuries so I can run again. Though, I did a half today (rather stupidly of course)

  3. Good luck with your goals in March!

  4. Im no role model here :-)
    I just wanna make it through march!

  5. You can do it! It's just planning, preparation, and commitment. You have all those.

  6. def donn't be too hard on yourself, things happen, it's ok, you can still do it!

  7. best of luck! My goal is to give it my all in Crossfit and see some results on my body by the end of the month. Stay tuned for the rest of the story on that one!

  8. drink.more.water. for real, I am a coffee addict.

  9. You are so ready to hit the 50 mile mark Meredith! Just be sure to not increase your mileage too quickly! You don't want to get hurt and then drop back down to starting over :) And I completely agree... February went by wayyy too fast!!

  10. Good for you for getting right back into the proverbial saddle! It IS hard when life gets in the way of running, but tomorrow is always a new day! :-)

  11. Running always seems to be the workout that always falls to the side for me too! Since I teach Jazzercise, those workouts take precedence because I have to be there...and our cold temps don't help either. I can be such a fair-weather runner!

    Good luck on your March goal!

  12. 26 miles? WAY TO GO! I've been trying to train for a 5K but I've always hated running. I'm averaging about 2-3 miles per day but walking/running on and off. Hopefully my training plan will get me up to the point where I can run the entire time which will satisfy MY march goal!


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