Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Health

Ah, it's been a while since I did a formally organized challenge.  What better time than now, to get recharged and refreshed for spring?

The folks at are challenging YOU for month of April!  In the DIY Health Challengethere are two goals, that you can fit into your life this month as you see fit:  (1) "cook one healthy meal per day", and (2) "complete 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises daily."  These target specific areas, but are broad enough that it's up to you how you fulfill them.

As a Greatist Ambasssador, I knew I had to accept this challenge.  For me, the cooking one healthy meal per day is pretty much down.  I already prepare most of my meals at home, so that won't take much change.  Twenty minutes of bodyweight exercises, though... At first, I'd thought that it'd be too much. I don't like to do strength-based workouts more than two or three times per week, but by switching up which muscles are working, I should be alright.

Also, I actually just happened to set a personal goal to start doing yoga more regularly again, such as squeezing it in every morning for just 15-30 minutes or so, because I love how it makes me feel!  Yoga is a form of bodyweight exercise, so that can definitely count for some mostly-"rest" days.  This challenge may be just the motivation I need to keep it up!

Don't know what kind of workouts to do?  Greatist will be posting all kinds of exercises throughout the challenge, and the community support should keep participants going, too.

There's a cool website called Social Workout, where you can join this challenge (and countless others).  The challenge can be a clean eating or workout challenge like this one for April, or it can be about music or meditation, or a more specific workout type goal.. the possibilities are endless.  For each, there are challenge groups, message boards, and ways to track your progress.  As its name implies, it makes working out a social endeavor, where other challenge participants can cheer you on or give advice.  Very neat.

Dare you to join us!!  As they say, "You don't have to be the greatest, just a Greatist."  Take one month to take charge, and become a Greatist, too.


  1. That's really cool!! I actually met Derek (the guy that founded Greatist) at SXSW and he was super nice! What a cool challenge :)

  2. That manuscript sounds outstanding! And you are acceptable, that does look like a envelop of a book you would write! ;-) Have a large weekend! Message Boards


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