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Eat Apples

Fall!  Leaves!  School!  And... APPLES!

Although I didn't love eating fruit as a child, apples are one that I always enjoyed.  As an adult, I've gone through phases of apple consumption.  Whenever they're around, I gladly eat them, but I just have to remember to buy them.   Whenever I do, I'm always pleasantly surprised by how tasty they are!  This fall, I've dared myself to step up my apple game, and I dare you to, too!

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," or so they say.  I don't know if this is true, but I do know that apples have been long hailed as a health food.  What's all the fuss about? Don't so many health companies and apps use an apple in their logo or icon?  Why is that?

What's so great about apples?  Let's explore:
Nutritional Benefits Fiber
Vitamin C
*many of these nutrients are contained in the skin -- don't leave em out!Note that apples are high in sugar.  Of course, this is a natural s…

Make Fluffy Quinoa

Yumyum. I'm now a quinoa pro. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that this grain was a new food? So tasty, so easy, and so good for you! A complete protein masquerading as a grain! Sneaky. Learn a little about quinoa's nutritional profile here. Well, even though I'd mastered a basic quinoa, there's always room for improvement...

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Last week, I tried a new cooking technique, and it was a huge success. I have to direct you to Peas & Crayons for Jenn's instructions for making FLUFFY quinoa. I know that she and I and this recipe were all meant to be, bonded together by our love for fluffy unicorns.

The trick is rinsing the quinoa first, and then cooking it dry for a minute before adding water.

Brilliance. The quinoa was so fluffy, not bitter, just like Jenn promised. Wheeee win!!

But first, I sauteed mushrooms, pre-roasted butternut squash, and brussels sprouts. #veggies

When the quinoa is ready and fluffed, in go the veggies! Anndddd STIR.

I scoop…