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I honestly don't do takeout often, but it's a trusty, convenient standby for when time is tight or, in this instance from a few weeks ago, the kitchen is EMPTY.  Literally. Brand new kitchen, no food, and less than an hour to finish up working on something at home before having to head out.  Enter:

Delivery.comis exactly what it sounds like.  The easiest possible name to remember for a food delivery service.  Search, order, and pay online, and wait for your food. Easy peasy.

When the folks at asked me to review their services, I knew a time would come when I'd need it.  On this particular night, the BF and I needed some good eats but had to stay home, where the cupboards were bare.  So we entered his address and browsed the many, MANY restaurants that delivered to his area.

Read more to see how it the site works and how the delivery went...