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A weekend at the races!

Here are some snaps from this weekend's Neon Dashand the Damon Runyon 5k for Cancer Research!

The Neon Dash 5k I ran in about 31 minutes, which I thought was pretty darn good accounting for the slow-down while getting neon tossed at me and the blister I got from wearing my very old sneakers.  The excited atmosphere and pumping music kept me going.  Great intermediate race to gear up for my first 10k next month!

It was cool to do a nighttime run--very different from the usual.  Summer night are more manageable than the days, and the path wove around through an open field, so there was a nice breeze. 

It was awesome that thesky appeared to be NEON, too!

For those who plan on doing a Neon Dashin the future, three things: (1) Go in a group! (2) Dress up like crazy! (3) Know that you can definitely run, walk, or danceyour way to the finish line.  All three were popular choices for this race, which isn't even timed, so no pressure!! 

The "neon" stations--where you get "…

Race Recap: Damon Runyon

Good morning!  Happy Monday!  And a glorious week it already is.  I've finally got a small reprieve from my work, and I'm glad to have just a bit of time to enjoy, wind down, and prepare for what's to come.  I've also got AMAZING things coming my--and by association, your--way, involving #ReebokNYC, #CrossFit, and #HLS12!  Couldn't be more excited.

But for now, I'm still smiling about yesterday's run.

Started off my week with a bang, participating in the fourth annual Damon Runyon 5k Run/Walk for Cancer Research, a 3.1-mile race that circles in and out through the greatest place on Earth: Yankee Stadium. 

Eric's father and brother have run the last three years, last year Eric joined them while his mother and I cheered on, and this year I joined their ranks and signed up.  It was nice motivation to keep running through this summer, even though I did not always enjoy running in the heat and often opted for the treadmill, instead.  Oh well!

We had…