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Do we need Dairy?

Mark Bittman, for those unfamiliar, is a New York Times Opinion columnist, Time's magazine food columnist, author of How to Cook Everything, and was, for good reason, recently named one of Greatist's Top 15 Crusaders for Health in the Food Industry

His latest Opinion piece?  We don't need dairy.This article is sure to spark controversy in our milk-calcium-obsessed culture, but we're humans. We don't need cow's milk.  It's made to make baby cows grow, and so human adults don't need to be drinking or eating it.

In Got Milk?  You Don't Need It, Bittman targets America's beloved milk [and the USDA, which recommends 3 (three?!) cups daily] as...
- a major source of sugar (as much as soda?!)
- harmful to the 50 million people in America who are lactose intolerant
- the source of heartburn.

In the article (read it!), Bittman shares his own story, like so many others', of weaning off his Prevacid medication by simply eliminating dairy from his di…