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Friday Photos: Oct 5-11

First off, let me tell you about something super exciting.  I got to meet one of my favorite foodie bloggers, Liz of I Heart Vegetables.  I love her blog, and turns out I loved the person behind it, too!

It was really exciting meeting her in person, and chatting about blogging, food, photos, life, and.. everything!

We hit up the Chobani Soho store, and I think Liz enjoyed her first taste.  She got the Dark Chocolate Pistachio, which I certainly recommended, and instead of my usual Fig & Walnut, I opted for the Blueberry Power (sub in honey) on this particular morning.

We left happy :)

And now, on to the October #LiveLeanEatGreen Challenge!

October 5: Try a new vegetable.

Cooked with (baby) artichokes for the first time ever.  Not easy! Full story to come.
6: Do a Tabata workout

This was fun. I like Tabata workouts.  Quick and intense.
Used my Gymboss--makes Tabata easy. I chose to do plank jacks, which definitely wore me out!
7: Go makeup free today. You're beautiful.

This was se…

Try Chobani Creations

Hi, friends!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and Monday. Don't forget, Practical Paleo hits shelves TODAY!  Read my review here.  Even with generally paleo-inspired eating, one thing I, personally, have not given up is my Greek yogurt.

I've already gabbed about how much I loved my first visit to the new Chobani Soho store in New York City, so it's no surprise that I went back for more. ...and more. 

I'm going to storytell for a bit before getting to the flavor reviews, so if you're here to learn about ChobaniSoho's Creations, you can either first read all the wonderful things I have to say about Pilates, a blogging buddy, and my second visit, or you can scroll down and miss out on the fun. Your choice.

First, on Sunday, I was lucky to have a fit-foodie date with Caitlin, who was in town for the BlogHer '12 Conference.  We met up for a 9:00 am Pilates class at YogaWorks, to which we both had free passes from the FITNESS Blogger Meet & Tweet.

The Y…