Thursday, August 22, 2013

Check in on your goals

I've done less goal checking-in on the blog this past year but I've certainly been setting and keeping track on my own.  Time to look back and reflect on some of these...

In May, I joined the Runners' World Summer Running Streak, vowing to run at least one mile each day, from Memorial Day through Independence Day. I thought it'd be a good way to get back into running after some time spent focusing more on strength, and it was. If you followed along on DailyMile, then you know I achieved my goal, logging at least one mile daily for those 39 days.

Did it get me back into running? Somewhat. As I mentioned before, I found that running outside in suburbia or parks is much more enjoyable to me than city streets. Most of the miles logged did, sadly, take place on a treadmill, but I didn't mind it so much. I would jump out of bed 10 minutes earlier than usual, hit the treadmill for a quick mile, and then start my day feeling awesome, because I already ran a mile!

That part, I did like. I always enjoyed working out in the morning better than in the evenings, so it got me doing that again.

What I didn't like: by the end, running the mile daily became a chore--something I "had to" do. This wasn't news to me; I'd realized before that I do best when I take the work out of running, and run just on a whim, when I want to, rather then because I feel that I have to.  (For an example of wanting to get after it, of having FUN while working out, check out this recent NYC public event!)

Other recent goals?  

 Kicking the chocolate - still doing well. I've had it maybe twice all month, which is incredibly sparse for me. This will better enable me to take on the 21 Day Sugar Detox (round 2--see round one herein September.

With September comes a "new year" in many ways, and with just four months remaining in 2013, this seems like a good time to check back on my resolutions/goals from January.

Quit Chewing Gum: Pretty good! Don't really buy it for myself anymore, will occasionally ask a friend for a piece or get my own if I need to freshen my breath really badly, but I'm mostly off the stuff. I admit, I went through a brief phase of tic-tac addiction for a while as part of the process, but now I'm off those, too. Also good, because neither are permitted on the 21DSDAnyone have a tip for a natural breath freshener?

Do Proper Pull-Ups: Not making much progress here, nor much effort.  Earlier in the year, I went on the assisted pull-up machine a few times, doing maybe almost kind of one, and trying to practice doing five or so assisted, but then I kind of... stopped trying. I've been strengthening my shoulders, back, arms for sure, but not by pulling my full bodyweight up. I should get back to the bar and see if I've improved in my efforts since the winter, and then actively train to get moving on my pull-up (and the eccentric DOWN).

Increase Protein Intake: I began this back in January and have been doing an awesome job, since. I occasionally tracked my food to see how much protein I'm getting, and I regularly hit the 90 gram mark.  That's what I aimed for--a big improvement from months and years before (like the meat-free years--yikes!) and I'm still doing well to make sure I get a significant amount of protein at each meal. Keeps me full and makes me feel good.
(This goal followed "Return to Paleo," which, since January, I've been doing well and proudly.)

Natural Skincare: DEFINITELY been doing this! Out with the old, in with the new! I've already raved about coconut oil as a moisturizer, but I've been doing so much more, but haven't had time to post beyond this teaser. Making a note to myself now to share about everything else--and I do mean EVERYTHING else. Pretty much everything in my hygiene regimen has changed--for the better!

Those were some of the big ones from the start of 2013, and I think that 2/3 of the way through, I'm not doing too poorly.  Other monthly and weekly goals have been tackled, and now that grad school is complete, I can dedicate more time to other means of self improvement.

September, here I come! 

What are your goals for the fall "new year"?
Have you thought back on what you wanted to accomplish in 2013? Are you there yet? 


  1. I love seeing people make an effort to get in more protein. It does wonders for your fitness goals! Keep working on the pull ups - they are good for the back, but I was shocked to see how they helped my core too.

    1. Ah, feeling it in the core probably means you're doing it RIGHT haha. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

  2. OMG I WISH I COULD KICK THE GUM HABIT!!! I am a gum whore- serious gum whore. It's terrible! I wish it would be made with STEVIA only - yes, there are some gums out there made with stevia but they taste like an old shoe and lose flavor in about 5 seconds, UGHHH! Orbit common, make a gum that rocks with stevia ONLY!

    And YAY for increasing your protein! I am also a protien whore, LOL!!!! Wow, I just need to be thrown in whore jail! But seriously, I eat like 2 pounds of animal protein a day!

    1. LOL yeah I wouldn't imagine that the "alternative" gums would taste very good. I'll let you know if I find anything worthwhile!

  3. Love the goal check ins! I'm constantly trying to kick my sugar habit and been pretty successful focusing on a more Paleo based diet. Good for you for checking off some goals from your list. I'm working on strict pull ups myself and they're definitely not easy but keep working and I know you will see progress!

    1. Thanks! Yeah focusing on paleo helps a lot, but somehow I've let dark chocolate (and dark-chocolate covered nuts) stick in a bit too much. Thanks for the support!!

  4. I love the idea of looking at September as a fresh start of sorts! I seriously need to set some goals and quit floating along.

  5. Im rocking my goals lately.
    that mightcould be because I set realistic ones :-) but Im not questioning...


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