Celebrate National Running Day with Charity Miles

Happy National Running Day!  Did you know that today was the day?  Fortunately, here in NYC the rain has stopped but cooled everything down.  Perfect for a run!  Dare you to hit the road with me.

Last year, I celebrated #NationalRunningDay by signing up for my first 10k!  That summer, I rocked my running goals and the 10k race.  However, it's been an uphill battle since then...  After another recent month sans run, I finally hit the road again last week.

First, on Memorial Day, I laced up in the morning before it was too hot. I hadn't been running in over a month--and even that was a lot of stop-and-go--I wanted to really kick back into gear!  I set my Nike+ app for a full 3.11 miles and told myself that I would run the whole thing. And I did!  I kept slow and steady and finished my 5k in about 33 minutes, and since then vowed that I'll get back to covering a 3-mile jog at least once per week for the summer. That's the plan!

Then, this past Saturday, I hit the road again in the summer heat.  I ran two miles at about a 10-min pace before the heat got to me and I had to slow to a walk. The last mile, I alternated walking and running to finish out in 36 minutes.  Alright, I'll take it.

Today, I took advantage of this cool June morning to cover three miles with a new partner:

I've finally started using Charity Miles--an app that logs your distance and donates to a charity of your choice for every mile you run, walk, or bike! How cool is that? You don't have to pay a thing; the app's sponsors take care of the donations (the sponsor for my run today was Johnson & Johnson, so their image appeared in the background for the duration of my run.

You can choose from a huge array of charities, and then stick with the same one OR switch up your beneficiary for each workout.

Scroll through the many, many options!

It tracks your distance throughout the run (whether you're outside OR inside on a treadmill) and, if you swipe down, lets you see how much you've raised so far.  Maybe that'll give you extra motivation to keep on moving!

During this morning's run, I raised 75 cents for Feeding America.  I chose that charity because, on Running Day last year, I ran for the FEED Foundation.  Thought I'd keep the theme going.  Of course, a few cents isn't all that much, but can you imagine how much it adds up with every workout you do?  and with the thousands of people using the app?? It adds up, so why not play your part? 

Dare you to make your miles count!! Whether you walk, run, or bike, dare you to use the Charity Miles app to contribute your workout to a meaningful charity. 

And with that, I wish you a happy National Running Day!  Go get moving on your own, or, if you want to find a group run near you, check out RunningDay.org on Facebook and find a group for you.

How are you celebrating National Running Day?
Have you been logging Charity Miles?  

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