Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Celebrate National Kale Day!

I've been feeling a little sickly and living off soup since my first 10k race last weekend, but I'm popping in for a moment to bring attention to an important holiday...

Did you know that TOMORROW is National Kale Day??!!?

According to NationalKaleDay.org:
"National Kale Day is held on the first Wednesday in October and is an annual celebration of eating, growing, and sharing kale throughout America."

So how should you celebrate?  By eating, growing, and sharing kale!

But WHY, you ask?  Click to review last year's post: What is kale, Why is it great, and How can you eat it?    (Hint: It's a green vegetable with all kinds of benefits that can be eaten cooked or raw in a variety of ways!)

Last October, I celebrated the very fist National Kale Day in style with my friends (see the PaRTaY here), so this year, I dare you to follow suit with your own KALE PARTY.  Hit up the farmer's market or supermarket, find a few varieties of kale (as shown above), Google a recipe that uses it, and get cooking!

Throwback to my first time massaging kale

Another way to celebrate is by attending a local event!  There are all kinds of festivities going on in cities across America, so check the list by clicking here to find a Kale Day event in your town.

How will YOU celebrate National Kale Day?? 
If you've never tried kale before, I dare you to seek out some well-prepared kale and give it a try.


  1. I had no idea!!
    I shall cram even MORE into my vitamix :-)

  2. I love Kale! Thanks for sharing about the holiday! :D


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