Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bulu Box

Whether you're looking to sleep better, energize, lose weight, gain endurance, or build muscle, there are supplements out there that claim they can help.  Maybe you're interested, but don't want to purchase a whole package without knowing whether the product is actually effective.  This is where Bulu Box comes in.

Bulu Box is a subscription service that provides you with a box filled with 4 to 5 nutritional supplements from top brands.  Each month, a new box is delivered with a new variety of vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, meal replacements, digestion aids, natural remedies, herbs, and beyond.  When the company offered to share a sample box with me, I agreed, always ready to try something (or in this case, many things!) new.  

When the box arrived, it was basically I expected in terms of the sample sizes.  There were a number of items inside, all in a trial size or containing single-package. Just enough to try out the item to see if it meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.  The mix was a nice combination; seemed like there would be something for everyone, although a single person might not necessarily want to use them all.  I suppose that's how these boxes work! 

These Neuro Edge powders sounded interesting.  They're meant for mental focus, so I tucked them away for when I do work.  However, I've forgotten about them and have yet to actually try it out. Whoops! I was never one for this type of supplement, but we'll see.

There's also Raspberry Ketones, which are very popular for weight loss; they flew off the shelves when Dr. Oz recommended them for fat burning.  From my little research, they seem harmless (unless you're diabetic or have high blood pressure--consult your doctor!), even if not helpful, so I added them to my vitamin regimen but haven't noticed changes in my appetite, though I didn't take them routinely, twice a day as prescribed.

I have noticed changes in my body, but I think that's more due to CrossFit and cleaning up my daily eats. My guess: These (like many other supplements) could be a useful aid for fat loss, in the presence of changes in diet composition and exercise routine.

Next up, a few fitness aids.

Hawaiian Coconut Energy: These instant drink packets basically turn water into coconut water... like magic!  Tasted like regular coconut water, and did, in fact, wake me up for the workout I was off to do.  This could have been from the coconut part, or could have simply been the hefty glass of water. Either way, it tasted alright.  Instant coconut water.

There was also an Octane endurance drink supplement that I didn't use, because I don't really participate in endurance athletic events. 

This ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipe was interesting and kind of useful.  I always prefer to go to the gym at a time when I can come home and shower after, but every so often my schedule is tight, and if there's a scheduled class I really want to go to before another appointment, the shower may have to wait.  

This happened this week, when I went to a CrossFit class immediately before going to class.  The wipe worked better than I thought it would. The damp towel inside didn't smell funny, and didn't leave me sticky, which I was worried about. If you like to squeeze in a run or workout in the middle of your day, the Athletic Body Wipe can wipe you down and tide you over until you're able to shower later on.  

Lastly, there were plenty of discount and freebie card and coupons in the box, as well, to purchase more of any of these products if you decided you liked one of them.  That's a nice way to continue trying out the product without paying full price. 

So, if you're interested to see what's out there and get a monthly box of wellness samples, go on over to and sign up!

Do you use any of these items? Which would you want to try the most?

Dislaimer: The box of supplements was sent to me free of charge, but the opinions expressed above are all my own.


  1. Ive heard a TON about these boxes and not yet seen a review.
    Im not sure WHAT IT SAYS about me I long to try those body wipes :-)

  2. The Miz!

    Getting a box of goodies is always fun, especially when you can use what's inside!


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