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Look Closely at Canned Foods

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Today, Everyday Healthdares us both to take a closer look at canned food.I, myself, don't use canned foods a ton, but I do regularly use canned tomato paste, tomatos, coconut milk, fish, and, occasionally, other vegetables like mushrooms and hearts of palm.  Hm, actually, maybe it's more often than I realized!
I've often avoided the issue of what's lurking in those cans, and what from the cans is leeching into my food.  But now, we've got some answers...

A Closer Look at Canned Food
By: Hillary Monroe, MS RD LDN, Registered Dietitian and writer for Everyday Health Calorie Counter.

In any given grocery store or corner bodega we find canned goods aplenty. It seems like anything and everything can be canned, from the typical soup, green beans, or tuna fish to whole chickens and even cheese. It’s hard to believe but the canning process dates back to the late 18th century in Fr…

Stop microwaving plastic!

The dare says it all.

I, personally, have a lot of plastic containers.  Someday, when I become a "real person", I will get a beautiful set of glass food storage containers and life will be grand.  They will be matching and organized. They'll stack neatly, and I will be able to cook or microwave in them!

But for now... I've got plastic.

But is that ideal? Probably not, especially microwaving in them.   So if you're like me and use plastic storage containers, please be aware of the chemicals they leak into food, and how microwaving can make it worse.

First, let's just look at plastic.  This material's use in cooking and food preparation has been linked to: hormonal imbalance, various cancers, heart disease, and impaired brain development.

Even before microwaving, these containers can leech estrogenic chemicals in plastic products.  Research has found that more than 70% of common plastics released estrogenic compounds, and that number increased to 95% after …