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Be Thankful For Your Body

The yoga instructor at my gym always ends class with a series of mantras, my favorite of which is "Thank your body for being well enough to bring you here today."

I could end this post right there, because she says it clearly and concisely.  But, since I've got the space, I'll reiterate it for you.  THANK YOUR BODY.  Whether you're in perfect health or have an injury or condition, your body still deserves your appreciation.  Nobody's perfect, but instead of focusing on its flaws, appreciate those parts that function effortlessly.

Further, remember to treat it well.  Your body is your vehicle in life.  It allows you to speak your mind, hug your friends, and dance to your favorite song.  It transports you from place to place, brings food to your mouth, and bears the children you (will) love so much.  As the means for your physical interaction in the world, your body should be treated with the utmost respect.  Feed it with natural, nutritious foods that will fue…