April BirchBox: Unboxing and Review


It's already May, I know, but I really wanted to share with you how excited I am about finally signing up for BirchBox last month!!


What is BirchBox?  It's an NYC-based company that curates monthly boxes just for you!  For just $10, you get a few small or sample-size beauty/self-care related items to try out, and if you find something you love, you can order directly through BirchBox. They've got a whole store online with occasional sales and holiday/themed collections. Plus, by shopping through them, you get points (read: credit!) back that you can use toward your future monthly boxes. Win-win.

I've wanted to subscribe for a while now.  I've seen others' boxes and admire all the information and video tutorials that BirchBox puts out online and in social media; I've learned a lot from them!  I have a pretty simple daily routine (some blush and maybe mascara usually suffice), so learning how to use more fancy tools and techniques for special occasions is something I am thankful to BirchBox for.  Also, I rarely buy my own makeup (I'm a sucker for freebies so have long simply taken what was given to me and made it work), so I've been interested to learn more about what's out there and what might work even better for me.

Recently, after seeing Juliette's Mad Men premiere prep video, I really wanted the Mad Men box (in honor of the final season's premier).  So, it was time!  I went online, answered a few questions about my style, my personal care preferences and concerns, and my current routine, and then they sent me a box, just like that!

Read more to see how the first opening went:

It's been a few weeks, and I can now fully report back on how I like these products:

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment:  LIKE
I followed the instructions by spritzing my damp hair from mid-lenths to ends... and then "Style as usual", but for me "styling as usual" is just letting my hair air-dry.  Sometimes I blow it out straight, but not often anymore. I found that, while this did leave my hair looking naturally frizz-free, it also ended up somewhat tangly by the end of the day/the next day, especially if I had to put it in a ponytail at any point.  This was exacerbated after a few days of use.  So while I like it--especially for summer where I want to just let it dry curly/wavy/free... I don't think I'll use it daily.

Clean Original Eau de Parfum: LIKE
As you saw in the video, I was surprised how much I like this scent.  Flowery, fruity scents aren't for me, but I love this subtle, fresh, soapy scent!!  Wish I had more than just the small sample.

Cynthia Rowly Beauty Brightening Illuminator: LOVE
I've never used an "illuminator" before, but I dared to give it a try.  Thankfully, the sample came with a small card showing you where/how to apply it.  Immediately, I was impressed how fresh and dewy my skin looked!  It's a small sample container, but you only need a tiny drop per use, so I think it'll last me a while. Win!

LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Honeypot: OKAY
Okay, I like the pencil, itself--very soft, not sticky, feels natural, but I don't love the color. It's a little too pink for me. (Eric asked: "What's on your lips???")  I'll still wear it on occasion, but I'm interested in exploring their other color/neutral options.

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash in Bathing with sharks: OKAY
It's a body wash. I enjoyed it. Worked for me, no complaints, but nothing outstandingly special, either.

And that's all!  I'm glad I got this box; I'm pretty happy with the products and am continuing to use each and every one of them.

The most exciting part, I think, is the anticipation of the box and seeing what's inside!  BirchBox makes sure to keep you eager by letting you pick out one or two of the items in advance, and sometimes you can choose between the regular monthly box or a special edition box (like this Mad Men box, or next month's collaboration with Cupcakes and Cashmere).

Happy Customer

Interested in joining?  Check out BirchBox here.  Men, they've got you covered, too! Check out BirchBox Men.

Can't wait to see what's in May's BirchBox!! 

Do you subscribe to BirchBox or any other monthly boxes?  Let me know in the comments what your experience has been!

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