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Look Back: Birthday List


In 2014, I made thisbirthday bucket listfor my year.  When the following February rolled around, I did, in fact, come online to write updates on how I followed through. However, my blogging was at a standstill, so I never put the post live. Better late than never!  It's actually fun to look back on this now, and reminded me that I should probably make a new list for a new year!  In fact, a lot of these items are things I can continue to work on -- great refresher.

So, folks, here's my birthday bucket list belated update. My 2017 comments in purple below:

Task List for my birth-year (in no particular order)
1. Travel someplace new- Columbus!  San Diego! Lake George!  Check.

Flew to Columbus, Ohio for the first time to celebrate the upcoming union of these two cuties: 

My favorite place? The Book Loft! 

Even when our flights got all messed up on the way home, I was so lucky to be with this tarmac dancer:

I also visited Lake George for the first time over the summer. …


HEY WORLD!  For those still subscribed, thanks for sticking around! Am I back? Maybe!!  I've been thinking for a while how much I miss having this space to share the things I learn, try, know, and love, and the community that came with the healthy living blogosphere.

What inspired me back today?  I recently have begun running again after a long haitus, and a friend asked about my mini fanny-pack that so perfectly fits my phone and ID.  I told him it was a Spibelt, and for fun went to find the post here where I'd reviewed it, and realized it was still in draft! Never posted! From 2014! What a shame!

Then, another friend just this evening asked how my blog is doing - she wasn't sure if she'd been missing out on new posts.  Wellll I filled her in, but it was clear: The stars aligned, and it was time to post once (or many more times!) again.

So, here I am, to wish you all a happy July 5th :) and share (at last!!) about the small, light, inexpensive gadget that is my must…