Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Document 100 Happy Days

At some point over the past year, you likely saw someone -- or many people -- share a photo on social media with the hashtag #100happydays.

It's exactly what you think it is, where you record through photos 100 happy days in your life, in a row.  The movement began from, which explains the problem of today's "too busy" lifestyles and promises to send you a book of your photos when you complete the challenge (though I never got mine...).  However, the hashtag has ballooned out into a viral exercise in happiness, where people do it just for themselves.

And it's not for nothing, either!!  In my post daring you to write three good things, I explained the psychological research behind intentionally identifying the good things in your daily life.  Practices like writing three good things or taking a snapshot of one thing that made your day happy force you to acknowledge something POSITIVE in your life, even if your day was otherwise so-so or miserable, even.

If your day was blah, you still need to find something good, and this is what helps increase your happiness.  You see how many good things there are to celebrate! 

And I did!  On Instagram, I captured 100 Happy Days of my own. 

In those hundred happy days, from April through July, I was surprised at how easy this task actually became.  Some days, I was surprisingly overwhelmed by just how many "happy things" I had to choose from.  Some days, I Instagrammed the hashtag multiple times, because there were just too many things contributing to my happy day! What a great problem to have!

Of course, there were also plenty of days without an obvious "happy", and I'd have to really search for something simple to be happy or thankful about.  But then, that's the point: On days I wasn't doing anything fun, social, or interesting, I'd actively find something good in my day to identify as my "happy day."  Then, whatever it was, it was something I knew made me smile.

And that is how a practice like this can increase your happiness: It shows you just how many good things there are to be happy about--including things you might otherwise overlook.

I photographed beautiful views of the city.  I went out into nature.  I sang my heart out at concerts.  I sipped on wine.

I had fun, crossed things off my year-long bucket list.

I enjoyed time and celebrated with friends and family.

I celebrated fitness and health!

I learned new things!

Simple pleasures became "happy days".

This challenge made me look beyond the rain 
and feel thankful for my rainboots:

This challenge made me appreciate the little things... this challenge made me happy! 

Those are just a few snapshots from my happy days.  See them all here. What's GREAT is now that the "100 happy days" are over, I'm still feeling benefits.  How?

Post-challenge benefits:

  1. I have a collection of photographs that bring a smile to my face.  I remember the happy day, the thing that made me smile, and today makes me smile again.
  2. Even better: I still see through a "#100happydays" lens.  My eyes still look for the happy thing.  I'm no longer using the hashtag, but I am consciously feeling thankful, happiness, gratitude for things I might have otherwise overlooked. 

If I did it, so can you!   

Dare you to capture #100HappyDays in your life!!! 

What made YOU happy today?


  1. What a great reminder about being happy! Loved all your pics!

  2. Oh this post made me happy just reading it :)

    I love seeing people's photos tagged #100happydays, but I haven't taken the plunge yet myself.

    1. Ohh yes I should've included that as an added benefit-- that OTHERs can get cheered by seeing all the "happy day" photos! Excellent point!

  3. My sweet old labrador snuggling with me made me happy on this rainy day! Love this challenge! May be a good one for me to start soon!

    1. Oohh that's a good one! I dare you to... :D


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