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The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. 

Hey all! Hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend! I was fortunate to spend my weekend down the shore with friends, relaxing, reading, playing games, doing beach yoga, and enjoying good food and company.  My great weekend got off to an early start on Thursday, when the coolest thing happened...

There I was, sitting at home, minding my own business, when ding-dong!  It was Reebok's Human Dispatch Service (HDS), making a home delivery, just for me!  One of the dispatchers, Patrick, was decked out in Reebok gear, wearing neon yellow ZJet sneakers and a bag to match.  The bag was filled with ZJet shoes!!!

Keeping in line with Reebok's standard of connecting with the fitness consumer wherever, whenever, and however,  the Reebok HDS delivers sneakers directly to your feet, so you can experience the new Reebok ZJet's unique underfoot air channels and cushioning.  Just like the shoes are designed to propel the runner forward, using "speed under pressure", the dispatch team propels the shoes to you!

Patrick took my size 8s out of the bag for me to try on.  Love.  They're a gorgeous shade of teal over black, with hot pink laces.  I quickly put them on, laced up, and posed for the camera.  They were so comfortable!

You can instantly feel how soft the cushioning on bottom is.  According to Reebok, "the pressure changes created by each individual's unique foot strike, force the air from heel to toe, providing cushioning where it's needed, when it's needed, to propel the runner forward."  It's this moving air technology that allows your foot to move freely and makes them so comfortable and cushioned!  Plus, the shoe has NanoWeb "uppers" that keep your foot supported and centered.

I walked around to test them out, and as I was walking Patrick back out, I questioned the fit of the shoe. I'm usually a size 8 or an 8.5, and my old DMX Sky shoes were an 8, but these felt a little tighter on the sides and the toes.  This might've just been the fancy technology that's designed to keep your feet straight, but I didn't want my toes cramping up on a run.  Fortunately, Patrick's bag of tricks had 8.5s for me to try!  

Amazing!  I slipped those on and bounced around in them, checking that they were also perfect.  They were. :D

If I hadn't already run four miles that morning, I would have hit the road immediately!  Instead, I settled for wearing my new kicks as I did some work and occasionally jogged to and from the kitchen for water.  Now that my beach weekend is over, I can't wait to take these ZJets out for a run!!

ZJet - by Reebok

Reebok's Human Dispatch Service ran all over Manhattan delivering these hot sneakers to lucky fans who tweeted their shoe size to @Reebok with the hashtag #ReebokHDS.  Several Dare You To followers on Instagram and Twitter did just that, and at least one WON (!) and received a visit from the HDS team, too!   All the more reason to check in via social media regularly--you may discover a fun contest and WIN!

Do YOU want to try these sneakers TODAY??  Learn more by clicking here or simply head to Twitter for updates from ReebokHDS!  At, you can check out these and more running and training sneakers.

What propels YOU?? 

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