RUN! And run further. For a good cause.

Hey friends!

Today, June 4, is National Running Day!  Dare you to lace up and RUN in celebration!  

Why run?  Here's why and how I got started.  To answer the question this year of "Why I Run," I'll simply say that running makes me feel alive, and gives me something to work toward (hint, hint, big news below...)

Where?  Dare you to find a group run.

What else?  Dare you to pledge your miles!  You can put today's miles toward a charity at

How am I celebrating?  I signed up for a race!  Eeeee

Background:  after taking a fitness (and blogging...) hiatus for the spring semester (as indicated in January, I was stepping back from intense and frequent training while I added new work-related stressors to my life), I'm finally ready to dive back in!

I've been lacing up, too, FINALLY! 

Recently, with the weather improving, I've dusted off my Garmin, gone out on a couple runs, and really enjoyed hitting the road again.  My friend, Jen, let me tag along as she trained for her first 5k run (which she ROCKED!), and she inspired me to jump back in to running, myself.  Having intentionally not pushed myself for several months, I've been feeling the itch to set a fitness goal again, and Jen found one for both of us.

I'll be joining her team for the Women's Health Run 10 Feed 10 10k race in September!
Why? It's my perfect goal distance, it's for a good cause, it's on a beautiful path, and it's with friends. What could be better?  I signed up last night and thus begin official training TODAY.  Perfect timing, no?

The Cause: Women's Health and FEED partnered together last year to create this race to help end hunger.  By participating in this 10k, I'm providing meals for those in need of food.  YOU can make a difference, too, by visiting our fundraising page to donate today! Every dollar helps.

Learn more at

For me, a running a 5k (or 3.1 miles) is doable, but it's also about my limit.  I can do more, but not without stopping (or becoming bored).  10k happens to be the longest I've ever run, back in 2011 when I participated in the "Home for the Holidays" Virtual 10k.  Even then, though, I stopped to walk (I hadn't trained for it, was mostly doing it for fun).  I'm great at run-walk intervals, but I'd love to use the summer improve my steady endurance for these 3-6 mile runs.

So that's my new goal!  I've got a 10k race to run, and I'd like to beat my time from my previous 10k time (1:08), which was accomplished back in my running heyday.  Time to run with purpose once again!

This morning, I'm planning to just go for a simple run for as long as I can (recovering from being a little under the weather), and then by this weekend I'll sort out the details of properly training for this thing.  So... More details on my plan still to come, but I'm super excited to have something I can work toward and aspire to this summer.

Do you have any summer fitness goals?
Have any training tips for turning my 5k to a 10k??

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