Friday Favorites

While I'm not writing, I'm living--and living well, thanks to some of the "favorites" below.  Here are some things that I'm loving lately:

My CamelBak water bottle

With June came the heat, and the heat came on STRONG.  I'm a big water-drinker year round, but I've been guzzling even more gallons to stay hydrated.  This filtered and insulated water bottle not only keeps my water clean, but also cool!  Get yours here.


Since my first BODYPUMP experience, I've really enjoyed these fitness classes!  It's my favorite way to get in one or two full-body workouts each week.  The music, the instructors, the burn... I'm a regular now, and can't wait for the next track to come out!!

AMRAP bars

Speaking of strength workouts... These nutrition bars are made with the heavy lifter in mind.  In their own words: "We are the nutrition company for high intensity, cross-trained, extreme athletes."

The website says it all: "Clean fuel for your lifestyle.  If you can't grow, gather, or kill it you won't find it in our products."  It's tough to find bars that aren't loaded with wheat and sugar, so these are a convenient backup for a post-workout snack.  They're not huge on fancy flavors, but they do the job when I need to refuel after a workout but don't need or have a big meal.  Learn more at

The Neon Dash ... is coming to NYC!!!

Do I want to get involved?  YES!  Learn more at ... details to come.

Avocado Oil Chips

I haven't really had potato chips in a looooong time, but when I was craving a serious crunch, I tried these out and fell in love.  I don't buy them often, but they're a decent option for when my crunchy munchies strike.

Tropical Traditions Lip Moisturizer

So many good oils, locking moisture into my lips! This little tube got me through the harsh winter that has finally passed, and my lips are grateful! 




TGIF :) 

What are YOU loving lately?

Have a great weekend!

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