Fill your morning water *at night

Recently, I touted the benefits of proper hydration and dared you to drink drink drink water. 

Now, here's my little trick to make sure I start the day off right, every morning. 

It's great to start the day with water, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle to get dressed, I forget to run to the kitchen to fill a glass, and by the time I'm in the kitchen it's time to quickly make tea or worse--to head out the door!  Fortunately, I've adjusted my nightly routine to better incorporate drinking water into my morning ritual...

 Each night before bed, I fill a glass of water and place it on my nightstand.  Then, in the morning, I don't need to remember to hydrate or go to the kitchen to fill up a glass; it's right there!  No thinking required!  Just get up, maybe go wash/brush, come back and bam: there's my water, ready and waiting.

This trick helps wake me up mentally and physically.

It's the no-effort way to start your day with WATER! 

BONUS: If you wake up in the night and need a sip, it's right there.  Win!  Plus, this little habit is so easy to get into; it'll become second nature in no time.  If you need a reminder to get started, use Lift to establish the nightly habit.

I dare you to put a full glass or bottle of water on your nightstand each night to drink first thing in the morning.  See how it wakes you up each morning, and how your hydration habits may improve throughout the day as a result.

Is water part of your morning routine?  
How has keeping a glass or bottle in your bedroom benefited you?

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