Monday, April 7, 2014

Visit Friends in Columbus!

FIRST UP!  The winner of a 30-day gym pass to New York Sports Club is Evann!! Congratulations, Evann; enjoy your BODYPUMP makeover!

Now - recap time!  Just a weekend in pictures, today:

Recently, I spent a marvelous weekend with two of my best friends, not only reuniting and having the best time ever giggling about nothing and having serious heart-to-hearts, but also celebrating D's passing of her boards AND her upcoming wedding!  The bridal shower was a ball and I am so so happy that SHE is so happy.

Here are a few scenes from the weekend in Columbus, Ohio. Although a good amount of the time was spent in PJs at D's house (good catch-up sessions, adorable kitten, and excellent home cooking!), we also ventured out into Columbus.  We brunched at Tasi Cafe and dined at Level, shopped around the boutiques in Short North, and scoured the shelves at my new favorite place in the country: The Book Loft.  The weekend concluded with the bridal shower: The sweetest tea party I've ever been to!  Much of the food was actually gluten-free, so I was glad to taste test the hors d'oeurves, desserts, and cute triangular tea!  Pinky up!

With so much to celebrate, the weekend kicked off with ice cream at Graeter's, followed by wine at home.  Cheers to so many happy occasions!

Now, I'm not usually a cat person, but D's adorable kitten won me over. The problem was, HE was tough to win over!  Cats are not as friendly as dogs, are they... 

Kitty likes computers...
...and wine!


Out and about in Columbus:


The Book Loft!

A Bridal Shower Tea Party!

Have you been to Columbus?  TO THE BOOK LOFT? 

How was your weekend?


  1. AHH I went to kenyon college right outside of columbus and it is STILL one of my fave fave fave cities ever.

    1. Oh very nice! Yeah it was a nice city; I had a great time!

  2. ahh! can't believe you were here in my city and i didn't know!!! love the book loft. and tasi :)

    1. Ahhhh man. I thought about reaching out but it was a packed weekend! I'll just have to come back to visit again :)

  3. I love the idea of you daring readers to try new things for a healthier, happier life. I think that sometimes we just get lost in our day-to-day humdrum we forget how to bring out the spice.


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