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This post is in NO way sponsored.  I found and fell for this app all on my own, and want to share the love with you:

As the self-proclaimed Queen of To-Do Lists, I've sampled my share of productivity apps (only to serve as long-term lists. I still use handwritten lists for short-term to-do's!).  I had been using Clear for a while and liked how simple it was, but wanted something new for the New Year.   I downloaded a few and tried out Any.DO and fell. in. love.  Four months later, I'm still in the honeymoon phase. This is the real deal.

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"Make thinks happen" with this to-do list app!

The app is simple enough that it can stay super simple, but also has some useful features for those who want an added layer of organization to their list.  You can sort tasks by either due date or by category.

Due date is optional and set by you.  It comes with four built in timelines: today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday, and you can easily drag and drop an item from one section to the next if you change your mind on when a task should be completed.  You can also choose to set a more specific due date, like "January 17th at 6:45pm," or even a due location by enabling GPS.  What's unique is that, each day, the items shift to where they belong.  "Tomorrow" becomes "Today", and sometimes even "upcoming" becomes "tomorrow", and so on.

To sort by category, you can choose to file each task into a "folder," like "Personal" or "Work."  You can create your own, as well. Those are the only two folders I have right now, because I'm more excited about the timeline feature than the folder feature.  Doesn't matter what category it is, to me.  It all has to get done,  anyway!

And with, it does.  Each morning, the app reminds you to "Take a moment to plan your day," which is fun.  You can pull this up at any point in the day, too, by clicking the little dots in the lower right corner.  It will present you with each task on your list, one at a time, and you can respond whether it's been completed already, whether it is urgent, or if you need to postpone it to a later date.

You can also make recurring tasks and set a schedule for their repetition.  This is great for establishing new healthy habits!  For example, you could set a daily task to flossWrite Three Good Things, fill up your water bottle, or stretch. You could also set a weekly task and reminder to do something like clean your makeup brushes.

While I do love a good hand-written list (each day, really), it's nice for my long-term task list to be fluid, to let me change the order and update as needed.  It's simply to re-arrange the list to suit your needs.  It's also SO convenient that it's with me on my phone, wherever I go, so the minute something comes up, I can add it to my list.  Then, I can cross off one thing at a time, and move on to what's next.  The joy of swiping a task completed motivates me to get it all done!

When you complete a task, the app keeps track of how many completed tasks you check off, and you can earn "Kiip Rewards" (real coupons/discount codes) for completing tasks! Win!

If you're looking for a good productivity app, I highly recommend Any.DO!  

How do YOU get your "to-do" list done?

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