Bake Eggs the Easy Way

Did you know you can BAKE eggs--whole eggs, in the shell--in the oven?  

I'm on an egg kick.  Always for eating, recently for blogging.  I've already talked about why eggs are awesome and why you should Eat The Yolks.  Today, I share my favorite way to prepare eggs for easy consumption all week.

My go-to way to cook up eggs is a scramble or omelet, but I also like to hard-boil a bunch of eggs on Sunday for a quick and easy breakfast or snack during the busy week.

Now, I concede that hard-boiling is not rocket science, but it does require a few separate steps, regular attention, and the stress of knowing something could boil over.  However, there's an EVEN EASIER way!  Did you know that you could BAKE eggs right in the oven?  No need to get the water going, no need to watch or listen or smell or wait or add vinegar or not add salt or or or... just bake them.

Here's how you can hard-bake your eggs:

Heat your oven to 325°F. 

Place the eggs into a muffin tin, so each sits on its own. 

Bake in oven for 30 minutes.

Remove from oven and submerge in ice water to stop the cooking process.

After 10 minutes or so, remove from water.  Peel and enjoy!  

These are a regular in my weekly food prep.  You may need to tinker with the timing or temperature depending on your oven, but then it works perfectly.  I find these come out just as good as regular ol' hard-boiled eggs, and are SO easy to peel, too!

Store your eggs in the fridge to last you a few days' worth of snacks and breakfasts. It makes getting some quality and tasty nutrients so simple.

Could it BE any easier?

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