Eat Eggs

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I like to eat eggs. A lot.  So today, I bring you an overdue ode to eggs:

Dare you to EAT EGGS!

Recently, upon mentioning that I could eat eggs all day every day and be happy, someone commented, "Sure, but that wouldn't be good for you."

Sigh.  Okay, first of all, I was eggaggerating.

Second, WHY?  Why do eggs get such a bad rap?  Because they contain dietary cholesterol, and we all know cholesterol in food raises our blood cholesterol, and high blood cholesterol is bad.  Right?

Now, I'm not devoting today's entire post to those giant myths, but I'll say this: they're myths.  Eating dietary cholesterol does not yield higher blood cholesterol levels, and even our own cholesterol is not inherently bad!  Our bodies need cholesterol to produce hormones, make vitamin D, build and repair cell walls, and more.  So both sides of this argument against eggs are faulty.  Even as far back as 2006, the Harvard Health News tried to redeem eggs in "Egg Nutrition and Heart Disease: Eggs aren't the dietary demons they're cracked up to be", and, since then, more and more research has been brought to light that debunk the these cholesterol and egg myths.  For more on the truth behind cholesterol, I'll refer you to Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers?  OR just watch this short video to see how these lies gained so much traction in the first place. 
Now that we're over the "cholesterol myth", let's get back to eggs! 


To me, an egg is the perfect food.  Let's look at everything eggs have going for them:

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Nutrients, nutrients, nutrients!!!  Eggs are nutrient-packed in such a small little shell!
  • 6 to 7 grams of protein -- complete protein!
  • Good source of choline (brain development and memory)
  • Contains lutein and zeaxanthin (reduce risk of age-related macular degeneration)
  • Good source of riboflavin, phosphorous, and vitamin B12, too!
Want these benefits?  Don't leave anything out--eat the whole egg!  Outdated reasons to avoid the yolks, such as its calories (MYTH!) and cholesterol (see above, or 6 Reasons Cholesterol May Not Matter Anymore) have been proven wrong over and over.   Get over your fear.  Nature made the egg as one package.  Eat the whole egg to reap the full benefits!

Everything in one package:  It's got protein AND fat, the perfect combination to both satisfy my taste buds and keep my body satiated for hours.

Inexpensive.  I'm a girl on a budget.  Eggs, even the higher-quality, from-pasture-raised-hens kinds I seek out, are hardly an expensive investment.  Buying a dozen or two won't set you back financially but can last you all week if you eat them a lot, or even over a few weeks if you eat them sparingly.  Bonus points go to eggs for being budget-friendly.

Quick and easy to make.  Even if you're no chef, you can surely cook eggs.  Do you have five minutes and a skillet?  Then you can easily make a scramble, omelet, sunny-side up, etc.  Cooking eggs requires no training, no fancy tools, and very little time or effort.  Or, for an easy breakfast to grab and go all week long, hard-boil some eggs on Sunday and you're set!  Hard-boiled eggs are one of my FAVORITE on-the-go snacks, because you can bring them along with your, or often find them at airports and train stations, too.

So versatile!  Even though they're incredibly easy to cook, there are also so many different ways to cook eggs.
  • On the stove alone, there are countess ways (okay, maybe they're countable) to fry up some eggs (see above).  
  • Simple to hard-boil eggs by setting them on the stove for 20 minutes, or even to toss them right in the oven for 30.
  • Make a restaurant-worthy brunch by poaching eggs.  Mm mm one of my favorites!
  • Add eggs to your dinner table by making a frittata! 

The versatility of omelets also makes them a great vehicle for consuming other healthy foods, such as vegetables, high-quality meats, beneficial herbs, and more.  Click here to see how I make veggie-packed omelets!  It makes sneaking some spinach into your day easy-peasy.

You can also experiment with different combinations of ingredients to create a dish of any flavor!  A spanish omelet is incredibly different from eggs benedict, is very different from a greek omelet, or a pizza frittata.  Eggs are chameleons and blend will with endless flavor combinations.  This is why I never get bored of eggs. 

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And, those are JUST the examples where eggs are the star!!  The (incredible edible) egg should also win an award for its supporting role in EVERYTHING ELSE.  Dressings to baked goods to grain-free pancakes to sauces to... on and on and on!  Go eggs!

So, maybe eating for all meals every day is an egg-aggeration, but eggs sure are great!  And even an egg a day is now no longer scolded by doctors who are up to date on their nutrition research.

One caveat: Eggs contain anti-nutrients, too!  Although most people can consume eggs without issue, some people are sensitive to eggs and may notice benefits from not consuming them.  As always, pay close attention to how your body reacts to different foods!  If you suspect you're sensitive, try removing eggs from your diet for a few weeks before incorporating them back in and see if you notice differences.  If I recall correctly (not sure where I first heard this in relation to autoimmune diets), the antinutrients in eggs are concentrated in the eggwhite, which makes sense; the anti-nutrients are in the barrier to protect them from consumption.  So if you find you react negatively to eggs, try removing the white and see how you tolerate just the yolks. 

That being said, I dare you to eat eggs!  Take advantage of the nutrients, simplicity, and versatility of eggs by incorporating them into your diet.

This is just the start, an introduction to the many reasons to love eggs.  In upcoming posts, I'll share what types of eggs I look for and tips on the various ways to cook them!
Dare you to EAT EGGS!

I want to know:
  • Do you eat eggs?  Yolk, white, or both? 
  • What's YOUR favorite way to eat eggs?
    • Have a blog? Please share your recipe link in the comments below! 

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