WIAW: Sedona

Dropping in to post a quick WIAW, documenting eats from my trip last week to Sedona, Arizona!  (Read all about our adventures here)

We didn't have a single bad meal, and I was highly impressed by the gluten-free accommodations everywhere we went!

Picazzo's, a restaurant that is some 90% gluten-free, was outstanding.  We started by sharing the "Heart Healthy Gourmet" salad, which was SO good we got it again the next day to pair with our leftovers for dinner!!

As an entree, I very much enjoyed my mushroomy-goodness rotelli:

Even my gluten-loving compadre enjoyed his buffalo chicken pasta dish!

Brunch at Red Rock Cafe with the locals was quite satisfying.

In the evening, we sampled the local wine: Kokopelli

On our hikes, I sustained my energy by munching on Quest Protein Bars:

Lunch uptown was at Wildflower Bread Company ("making up for the gluten-free dinner"), where I got a delicious Chopped Salad with Salmon!

In town, I also enjoyed a bit of fresh fudge from the Sedona Fudge Company.

Our final night in Sedona, we dined at Cucina Rustica, which came highly recommended from everyone we spoke to.  It did not disappoint!

On our way up to the Grand Canyon, we stopped in Flagstaff for lunch at a place called Mix.  It was very good, and their menu identified their soups as being gluten-free!  This was great news, because I've been glutened by restaurant soups before, so I felt good knowing it wouldn't provoke my symptoms.

On the way back down to Phoenix, we got our lunch (as well as dinner for the plane) at Paradise Bakery & Cafe, essentially a local Panera.  Both salads I got there were delish.

So there you have it!  If you ever travel to Sedona, I highly recommend all the above places.  Our dining experiences were all fantastic, with friendly waitstaff and delicious food.  (People sure are nice out there!)

That's what I ate last week and Wednesday.  Where have you dined in Sedona?

What's been on your plate?

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