Take an Active Vacation -- Visit Sedona!

[The winner of the recently closed book giveaway is Christy!  Congratulations!]

Where have I been?  Hiking red rocks in Sedona, Arizona!

I typically dream of tropical islands for a winter getaway, but this year I dared to visit one of America's most beautiful cities and get back to nature.

For an alternative, off-season, ACTIVE trip, I can't recommend Sedona enough.  There's endless hiking options, each trail a unique experience.  There are fine Arizona wines.  There are spas and wellness centers galore.  There is beautiful art on display in the many galleries.  There are wild off-road jeep rides.   There are stars spread across the sky, untainted by city lights.

Beautiful landscapes!

Here are some scenes from the trip:

Bell Rock and Cathedral Butte Loop

Hanging out in a little cave

Awkwardly balancing my way down the slope

Sunset view from Airport Vista

The sky was on FIRE!

Sunrise on the red rock

Pink Jeep Tour: Broken Arrow (Thank you, Hilary, for the recommendation!)

Wild ride!

Cathedral Rock

Going up

Cathedral Rock silhouette

Another night's sunset, igniting the red rock again

Hike: Doe Mesa

Demonstrating my superhuman strength

Getting Blissed In in nature!

Our picnic view

Heading back down was always the hardest part!

Oak Creek Vista

We concluded our trip by driving up to the Grand Canyona must-see!

I had such a wonderful time, and can't recommend Sedona enough! 

Dare YOU To plan an active vacation and get back to nature! 

Have you been to Sedona? 

Where's your favorite place to take an active trip?

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