Inaugurate National Kale Day

Guess what day it is...


Yes, it's hump day.  But today is also... KALE DAY! 
Mm hmm, you heard me.  All who eat their greens, REJOICE:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 is slated to be the very first 
National Kale Day!

Happy Kale Day!

Although, I admit, it's not my favorite green (I can understand why some loathe its bitter taste), I do try to eat kale from time to time.  In fact, kale has been featured as a "new food" right here on the blog!  Check out Cook with a New Food: Kale for that post.  Since then, I've come around to it.  Prepared properly, kale can be quite a delicious addition to any meal!

Now, it's time to pay kale some serious attention!  The folks at "propose that National Kale Day will be the first Wednesday in October and will continue to be an annual celebration of eating, growing, and sharing kale through out [sic] America."

Dare you to celebrate this inaugural Kale Day by having some Kale for yourself.

What is kale?

It's a green vegetable, of course!  According to The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, Kale is "the grandmother of the whole cabbage family" (p. 184).  Rebecca Wood describes the old vegetable's "strident flavor," "sturdy appearance," and ability to withstand cold weather.  It's a green, as you can see, though leaves can range from dark green to a purple color. Although it's long been a staple throughout Europe, kale has recently become quite popular--trendy even--in America.

Why eat kale?

As I've previously explained: 
Kale has been shown to have powerful effects in weight lossreducing risk of diseaseantioxidant powerbrain healthflat abs, and even healthy hair.  Decently low in calorie (34 for one cup, raw, chopped) and a provider of fiber, iron, and calcium, this vegetable is one to start eating today.  Consuming such nutrient-dense vegetables like Kale makes getting your nutrients easy.  

It's a "strengthening vegetable" according to Rebecca Wood: "Kale eases lung congestion, benefits the stomach, and is a specific healer for the liver and the immune system.  Its juice is medicinal for treating stomach and duodenal ulcers" (pg. 185).

That all sounds good to me!  Let food be thy medicine, said Hippocrates.  Let kale be thy medicine!

How do I cook and eat kale?

For three very simple ways to start eating kale, check out this post on cooking with kale for beginners.

For many recipes and tips on celebrating kale, has you covered!  Check out the website for more details on the what, why, and how of KALE.

You can even become a "Kale Hero" and receive a helpful package for learning to love kale:

Dare you to join in the nutrient-dense fun

I have to thank my friend, Alyssa, for informing me of this special holiday.  She has gone kale-happy; we are going to celebrate with a kale party!  I'm looking forward to it, because I've had her kale and it's always delicious.  I'll be sure to let you know how that goes!

Do YOU like Kale? 
How will you be celebrating National Kale Day?

Please share YOUR kale recipes in the comments below! Thanks!

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