Friday Features

Happy Friday!  
Here are a few links to get you thinking this weekend:


Dare you to OWN IT.  Love this honest and encouraging post
from Sarah Fragoso on Everyday Paleo.

The Huffington Post shares 23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing.  
Worth reading, reflecting, and reconsidering.

All in favor of the family meal?
Carla Birnberg advocates for the family meal, and I agree!

Lindsay explains the way she is 

The Angry Trainer gives a great explanation
of how social media affects the fitness industry.
Spoiler: it does BOTH--helping people get healthy
but also hurting the industry and standards. Great post.

The basics and what you can do for the cause.


As always, follow along on recent dares, news, information, and healthy living updates 

Have a great weekend!

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