Bestowed: Review and Giveaway

I love trying new things.  That's the whole point of this blog, isn't it?  Taking on dares, and passing them on to you!  

Recently, the folks at Bestowed offered me the chance to sample their products and share a review.  I skimmed the website, and some of the brand partners involved looked appealing, so I agreed, and here we are today:

Bestowed is a subscription service that offers customers a chance to sample, discover, learn, and purchase healthy nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle products.  These come in the form of a box, delivered once per month.  The five items in each box, carefully selected by Heather Bauer and her team, include nutrition bars, snacks, cereals, supplements, trials for online fitness tools, and more.  Consumers recieve a box, sample the products, and can decide if they're interested in continuing to consume or use the product.

I was looking forward to getting my first box.  It's not just about the items you get, but also the fun of wondering what will be inside and what you might discover!

Inside my box, I found a wide variety of items:

The first thing I noticed was the giant bag of KIND Healthy Grains Oats & Honey Clusters.  Although I don't eat grains very often anymore, I was a little excited to sample this.  It seems like a decent gluten-free option for an occasional crunchy treat mixed in with my yogurt.

A few of the other products, I couldn't even really count as treats.  I had gone into this knowing that I might not want a few products, and that's fine.  I have nutrition preferences that not all people share, so I can simply choose not to eat those products.  

So... I had little interest in... the E-Boost (I generally avoid energy-boosters, however natural the ingredients), Hemphearts, and Nektar Honey Crystals (I don't have any use for such sweetener packets).  Olives (or Oloves) are one of the few foods that I do not like, but the Gnu bars were difficult to turn down.  I used to live off of those in college; they were my favorite on-the-go snack.  Even though I no longer eat them (or other wheat-based bars), I recall the taste and texture well, and know that other recipients of this box may have discovered a new favorite snack bar.

The box also contained a $25 gift card to iTRAIN, a website that provides downloadable workout programs, music mixes, HD videos, and celebrity trainer voice-overs.  I work out at home quite often, definitely prove useful.  It's fitness anywhere, anytime, completely customizable to YOU.

Creepy photo of me and my card.
I'm evilly plotting my first iTRAIN programs.

So you see, it's not just sampling snacks; Bestowed boxes can include just about anything to help you try new wellness products and services.  I'm pumped to download these workouts.

Another cool differentiating feature is that Bestowed enables you to shop its featured products via the blog on the website, so if you either get a package and LOVE the sample, or just want to seek out a recommended product, you can buy yourself some more. 


Overall, I was glad I sampled Bestowed.  
It was fun going though the box and discovering old treats, but, I admit, slightly disappointing that I had no use for most of them.  
Still, I'm also looking forward to trying the iTRAIN website to see what those trainers and videos have to offer.  
Although my personal dietary preferences discourage me from buying subscription for myself, 
there may be plenty for YOU to discover!

Plus, who knows what next month will bring!


Interested in trying Bestowed for yourself?  

Sign up here and use the coupon code - 5OFFBESTOWED01 - to get $5 off your order! 

But wait!  Want to WIN a FREE BOX??

It's GIVEAWAY TIME!  To enter, just leave a comment below telling which of the items in this box (or on the Bestowed Brands page) you're most interested in trying (or getting MORE of) for yourself.

One Bonus Entry: Tweet about the giveaway including both this blog post URL (, @DareYouToBlog, and @bstowed. Please leave a second comment linking to the tweet.

Details: Contest open until June 7, 11:59pm.  One winner will be selected at random and announced by the following Monday. Winner must either comment by logging in with contact information (Email, blog, or Twitter) or claim prize after winner is announced.  Contest open to US residents only (sorry!). Good luck!

Dislaimer: I was provided with this box and its contents by Bestowed, free of charge, in exchange for a review post. I was not compensated in any way for this review, and the opinions expressed above are all my own. 

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