Hang Loose for Heart Health

It's FEBRUARY!  Aside from my birthday month, it's also Heart Health Month.  

Today, I dare you to celebrate by hanging loose, relaxing, de-stressing.  Take note of the constant pressure you put on yourself, your body, and your heart.  Where can you ease up?  Where can you lessen the load?  What is really important? What can others help you with?

MOMentumNation brought Heart Health Month to my attention.  They're focusing on heart health all month long by sharing helpful tips, information, and critical facts for YOU and your ticker.  Check out the website for daily heart health tips from Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum and other heart-healthy fitness and health-related content.

For example, they've got advice on getting heart-smart using your technology, a list of 3 ways to love your heart, and a run-down on what you need to know about women's heart health.

While food and fitness choices do play a vital role, chronic stress is one of the biggest heart disease risks for women.  Together with MOMentumNation, I dare you to take care of your heart by taking care of yourself.  I want you to take some time during this frigid February for YOU.   Do something that you enjoy.  Smile.  Relax.

Let go of chronic stress, hang loose, and have fun.  Happy Heart Health Month!

How do you take care of your heart?  What activities help you de-stress and hang loose?

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