Friday Features

Some quick "Friday Features" for you -- some articles and posts from the recent past that I found interesting, and hope you do, too!

Jill Coleman of dares you to Take Action by using a simple tool: "The Alternative".  By considering the alternative, you may find the motivation to stand up and make a difference!

Are supplements really necessary?  Chris Kresser answers: Yes and No.
This actually makes a lot of sense. Dare you to learn how.

Sarah shares running tips for beginners.  My favorite?  "If you have time to run, you have time to stretch."  So true and so important!

Chef Katelyn considers the ways that CrossFit has Changed Her Life.  
This goes way beyond fitness, so give it a read!

Just one month in, are you looking for some sane, healthy, productive, and possible resolutions to work into your 2013?  Carrie Brown has some great suggestions.  Some are on my list already; what can you add to yours??

The New York Times addresses going  Gluten-Free, Whether You Need It Or Not.  The article takes a look at proponents of all sides of the debate: those that reserve GF for those with Celiac Disease only, arguing GF for those who have a clear sensitivity or intolerance, and GF for, well, everyone

And, while we're on the subject... Learn how MizFit conquered gluten without fear.

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