Friday Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things...  This Friday, instead of featuring interesting articles, I'm sharing some things I've been loving lately, A through E.  

I used to snack on these all the time. Why did I stop?  Apples are the perfect snack!  They're portable, stay well in or out of the fridge, and are ridiculously satiating thanks to all that water and fiber.  Last month, I started stocking up again.  These are now a staple, once again, in my home and work refrigerators.

Banana Chobani
Ah, Greek yogurt, my love.  I was comfortable in my plain Chobani groove for a while, until the end of January, when I received an awesome package.

Inside, I got samples of the new Chobani Bites, cute little 100-calorie snack cups, with a flavored yogurt and mix-in, to boot.  The Fig with Orange Zest was interesting, for sure. I do love figs!

Different flavors for you to try!

What I fell for even more than the "Bites" was the 6-oz Low Fat Banana.  I usually buy plain Greek yogurt, with the occasional vanilla-flavored for a sweeter dessert.  This, though, didn't feel so "flavored."  It's as though I chopped up the banana and mixed it in, myself.  Granted, the ingredient list is ever so slightly less desirable (to me) than the plain, but still natural and still delicious.  Love these and can't get enough!  With some cinnamon, I'm good to go.  Heaven in a cup, any time of day.

New Flavors!

Think I've got enough?
(Nope--no such thing as too much Chobani!)

And, to top it all off, the kind folks at Chobani sent me a Chobani spoon so I could dig in!

To sum it all up: I'm in Chobani heaven.

I first learned how to deadlift at CrossFit, and it's one move that's stuck with me.  It seems to work the whole body, and I feel it, always.  I feel it as I descend. I feel it as I rise back up. I feel it 15 minutes after my workout, and I especially feel it the next two days.  It makes a difference!

Want to incorporate deadlifts into your strength workouts?  Ben Greenfield shows us how:

Don't forget to warm up with dynamic stretches first!

Everyday Paleo
Here, I should also specify which outlet I'm talking about, because the Everyday Paleo Website contains so many diverse resources!  I started with the podcast, and now also frequent the blog.  Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib are a wealth of information.  Both have new books out!  I haven't read them yet, but I can tell you that the podcast and website are such accessible resources, for answers addressing the science, the applications, and the psychology behind a paleo lifestyle, incorporating all aspects: fitness (and personal training!), nutrition, paleo recipes, stress, sleep, practical applications, social factors... the list goes on and on. They cover it all!  And I can't get enough.  Download and subscribe to the podcast here.

Have you tried any of these favorites? If yes, which ones do you love, too?  If not, dare you to

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