Know the Difference: Setback vs. Failure

My 21-Day Sugar Detox: Two weeks down, one to go!  

Since I started on January 1, I confess that I've ever-so-slightly fluctuated in my adherence.  Week 1 was outstanding.  It was fresh and new and I was turning down sugar-laden food and drink like it was nothing. Then, Week 2 caught me with... not even caving to suggestion but simply giving in to my own temptations, my own crankiness and whims, maybe simply because I could.  I made a couple choices that I am not happy about, but they taught me about myself, and now I continue on.

Each morning, I receive an email from Diane Sanfilippo, creator of the 21-Day Sugar Detox, in which she offers some words of motivation and some tips for simplifying the task. This week, one email contained some words that really spoke to me:

Yep, that's exactly what I needed to hear.  A setback means I slipped up, lost focus, got lazy, and made an undesirable choice.  It was not me "giving up," and it may not have furthered my goal, but a setback does not mean that I failed.  I did not decide that my health wasn't worth the effort.  Instead, I recognized my setback, learned from it, and got back on the horse.

With that said, I plan to finish my 21 19-Day Sugar Detox strong!  The first week and a half showed me the great benefits I feel from removing sugar, and then the detrimental effects I felt after those few moments of weakness.  (This likely goes hand-in-hand with the return to more clean paleo.)  I'll keep those wellness and blech memories in mind as I move into the final week and finish out the third week.

Whatever your goals or desired habits and lifestyles are, I dare you to recognize the difference between a set back and failure, and to not let setbacks discourage you from moving forward with as much momentum as you began! 

Have a great week :)

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